Boyz II Men - Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection

Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection

Boyz II Men

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 01 Jan, 2001
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15
  • This Compilation ℗ 2001 Universal Records Inc.

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Boyz II Men - Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection


"Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection" is a r&b/soul record by Boyz II Men which was released on 01 Jan, 2001. "Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection" houses a total of 15 song(s) tagged "non-xplicit". You will find the tracklist, songs, videos, listener reviews, download and stream links to "Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection" in their respective sections below.

    Tracklist / Songs






    1 Motownphilly Boyz II Men 3:55
    2 It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday Boyz II Men 2:48
    3 End of the Road Boyz II Men 5:49
    4 In the Still of the Nite (I'll Remember) Boyz II Men 2:49
    5 Hey Lover (feat. Boyz II Men) LL COOL J 4:44
    6 I'll Make Love to You Boyz II Men 4:04
    7 On Bended Knee Boyz II Men 5:29
    8 Water Runs Dry Boyz II Men 3:20
    9 One Sweet Day Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey 4:39
    10 Doin' Just Fine Boyz II Men 5:30
    11 4 Seasons of Loneliness Boyz II Men 4:52
    12 A Song for Mama Boyz II Men 5:01
    13 Pass You By Boyz II Men 4:26
    14 Rose and a Honeycomb Boyz II Men 6:13
    15 Thank You Boyz II Men 4:37


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