10 Greatest Horror Movie Killers

In this article, we will share the 10 greatest killers in horror movies

There are films and there are films, with horror flicks being the extreme of the offering in that in themselves they excite emotions of fear, terror, suspense, horror and uncertainty.

For some people, horror films are a no-no. They can’t stand the horror and terror and would rather not be exposed to it. To each his choice, of course.

But because there is a thriving market for it, horror films will remain with us. Even since the first horror film hit the market, there have been iterations. Several others have followed suit, filling the gaping maws of the horror economy and providing income for creators.

One thing that is hard to divorce from horror films is death. There is a preponderance of deaths in horror films, usually at the hands of a nasty villain. Killer. Again, it might be said that there are killers and there are killers. Some stand out more than others.

In this article, we will share the 10 greatest horror movie killers. As a phrase, “greatest” is indeed subjective, but we are confident you will love the list we have put together. Let’s roll!

1. Dracula

Who has not heard of Count Dracula? The Dracula character stands out as the most notable of the horror movie killers to date, and some people even use him as a yardstick to determine which horror movie character stands out the most.

“Dracula” was the eponymous character of a book so famous that it was adapted into a movie and stands out to this day as an example, paving the way for similar vampire and horror characters. The bloodsucker lives and cannot be missed in a list of top horror movie killer characters.

2. Jason Voorhees

He is as ghastly as they come, and his appearance is so sudden his brutality so cold that some people even confessed to having continued shivering long after watching this monstrous villain in action.

This monstrous figure is always in a hockey mask and his victims embrace the dust of transience either stabbed slashed on impaled.

3. Chucky

Chucky might sound like a sexy name, but there is truly nothing sext about this character who revels in the obnoxious and deplorable. This red-headed horror was one of the chief attractions of the “Child’s Play” films.

While not much might be heard about the character these days, as well as the films in which it appeared, it is not up for debate that Chucky has already earned a secure place in the orbit of top horror movie characters.

4. Frankenstein’s Monster

Another standout figure in the horror movie universe is Frankenstein’s Monster a reveller in the bloody and the horrible. A doctor and a creator you have here. But don’t expect placebos for your headache. You get a semblance of a headache instead of having to face a character that has bolts in its neck.

5. Count Orlock

This count is more than happy to count you as one of its victims. Lol. With rabbit-like ears and xyresic talons, there is a slim chance of escape from this gangling horror of a character. This villain, played by Max Schreck, was adapted from another villain but is a worthy addition nonetheless.

6. Ghostface.

So-named because it is just that = a ghost face without a real character playing it. Anyway, Ghostface has earned its place in the infamous list of top horror movie killers out there. The flick was adapted from Wes Craven’s “Scream.”

7. The Wolf Man

What is in a name? In this instance, we would say a lot and that is because the Wolf Man is just that, able to transform from beast to man and vice versa. What’s more, you can count on this figure for some truly grisly maulings – not a flick for the faint of heart.

8. Hannibal Lecter

He is actually known as Dr Hannibal Lecter, but you are best off imagining him as a doctor of death, which he is in more senses than one. The cannibal figure is so chill in his depravity that he once ate a census taker’s liver with some beans. Now, imagine that!

9. Patrick Bateman

This somewhat delusional and paranoid figure comes from the world of business but stands out all the same as one for his homicidal proclivities, The role was played by Christian Bale, and he did a splendid job of interpreting it.

The flick, which plays for exactly 101 minutes was adapted from a book by Bret Easton Ellis.

10. Carrie

Carrie is an eponymous character touted to be one of the most disturbing movie figures out there. Now, when you realise that she killed almost all her classmates and teacher in a holocaust, you’d understand why the mention of her name sometimes elicits fear.

“Carrie” the film was released in 1976, and Carrie the character walks tall in the infamous hall of top horror movie killers to this day.

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