Best 10 Bongo Flava Songs (January-May, 2023)

Here are the best ten Bongo Flava songs released this year so far.

The music scene in East Africa always comes through with mad tunes every year. It hasn’t been any different this year. Artists have upped their game and fed fans new music. Some of these songs have garnered massive airplay and positive reviews from fans. Here are ten Bongo Flava songs released so far this year that you should know.

1. Diamond Platnumz – Yatapita

Believe us when we say no one deserves the top spot more than the king himself. Diamond Platnumz, who is set to feature in the second season of the Netflix original reality series, “Young, Famous, and African,” has already made stunning moves on the scene this year. He released “Yatapita,” a song about a man hoping for a better life. As expected, the song was well-received, and the feedback was terrific. It is still buzzing on the airwaves up till this moment.

2. Zuchu – Napambana

Very strategic with her moves, it is no doubt Zuchu still turns heads as much as she did when she made her debut. The Tanzanian musician has already claimed hits on the airwaves this year. In March, she released “Napambana.” It marked her first inspirational song and was released to celebrate Women’s Month. The ladies must have loved it. A music video was released to accompany the song. It was directed by Folex and shot in Mafinga Iringa. It helped promote the song.

3. Rayvanny – Mwamba

There is one thing we love about Bongo Flava artists; they go all out when singing about their favorite women. Of course, no one does that better than Rayvanny. The talented singer brought some sunshine to the airwaves this year with the release of Mwamba. Of course, it was mainly for the ladies. In the song, he showers praises on his soon-to-be wife. He goes the extra mile to tell his family she’s the rock of his life.

4. Barnaba ft. Nandy – Tamu

When Barnaba released his album “Love Sounds Different” in 2022, there was no doubt that it would be a success. The project housed hits and featured East Africa’s best artists, including Diamond Platnumz, Alikiba, Jux, Marioo, Nandy, Rayvanny, and more. It also housed the song “Tamu,” with contributions from Nandy. In our opinion, they make you want to fall in love when you listen. The song gained more attention this year and has been played across the radio and social media by fans.

5. Harmonize ft. Abigail Charm – Leave Me Alone

Imagine holding on to Harmonize and not wanting to let go. That’s what the ladies love. The famous Tanzanian singer blew minds when he dropped his album “Made For Us” last year. The project featured some very talented names, including Bruce Melodie, Nak, Spice, Abigail Charm, and more. Abigail Charm featured on the song “Leave Me Alone.” We must confess that they both did a fantastic job on it. It’s all about celebrating God’s love and not about being held by a woman. Sorry.

6. Jay Melody – Nitasema

Tanzanian singer Jay Melody is a lot of things, but he is most recognized as a singer. Jay has contributed a lot of excellent tunes to the airwaves throughout the course of his career. This year, he has released a few songs. He dropped the first one, “Nitasema,” in January. The song became a mild success after it dropped. It is a sincere song that sees him open up about wanting to be with the woman he loves.

7. King ft. Rayvanny – Maan Meri Jaan (African Version)

You know how good an artist is not only by their solo entries but also by how well they work with their colleagues. Every time Rayvanny has teamed up with another talent, it has been pure flames. The famous singer returned in February with King on the song “Maan Meri Jaan (African Version).” It is almost three months since the song dropped, and it has been a mild success. They did a great job on it.

8. Harmonize – Single Again

One thing Harmonize does not joke about is music. The Tanzanian star has created a niche in the East African music scene. This year, he has released a list of entries. This song, “Single Again,” was released in February as his second single. The song was an immediate hit. One thing fans noted was that he had no issues singing in English. He delivered the song well. It has garnered millions of streams across various platforms.

9. Yammi – Namchukia

The talented singer Yammi is the only newcomer on this list. You may say we see a lot of potential in her, which is why her music made the list. In January, she released the three-song EP “Three Hearts,” The response was impressive. Be warned; this isn’t about beautiful love but about heartbreak. Yammi sings about feeling deep sorrow and hatred for the person she once loved. Yes, that’s a lot, but she did a compelling job in the song. You should check it out below.

10. DJ Joozey ft. Harmonize – Namficha

While East Africa is known for Bongo Flava, artists have also tried to explore different genres dominating the continent. DJ Joozey had fans in a grip when he dropped the Piano tune “Namficha.” The song features the talented Harmonize, who was the perfect fit. The first thing that catches your attention is the beat. DJ Joozey certainly understood the assignment. Harmonize also blends in a way that leaves us wanting more.

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