Best 15 Ghana Songs (January-May, 2023)

Ghana is one of the active spots in music-making in Africa. Hardly a day passes without new music being made from that orbit. Of course, where there is plenty, there are a lot of options for people to pick from, good or bad.

It is the fifth month of the year and in that period several songs have been released as well as music videos for songs released earlier. So, here, we will be looking at both of them. Here, though, we limit the post to just 15 songs.

The idea of best will always remain subjective as not everyone would share the same thoughts about the same thing. At any rate, we are sure that you would love the numbers we have put together.

Hop along, then, as we share what we consider the Best 15 Ghana Songs so far – as in, released between January and May this year.

1. Sarkodie – Country Side Ft. Black Sherif

Released two months ago from the date of writing, “COunttry Side” brings together Sarkodie and his associate Sherif. And it is clear they did well as a team, spitting their bars harmoniously and taking the viewer along with them.

The title of the project is partly reflected in the music video in the sense that, well, the visual was set in the country and has a legacy what’s-the-name-of-that-car-again? as a side attraction. The video was deliberately shot to project a country image. And yes, there is nothing repugnant about it.

2. Kuami Eugene & Rotimi – Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the fad these days, an avenue for quick wealth if you know what you are doing. Yes, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Else, you might lose everything in a rug pull. Who wants to be rekt?

Anyway, Kuami Eugene and his associate Rotimi give a shoutout to the gods of crypto with this song. Given their appeal and following as musicians, what they released would likely influence peeps to look into the digital asset space. Crypto is the in-thing for most of the young people desirous of making money on their phones

3. Stonebwoy – Far Away

He is one of the notable voices in Ghana’s dancehall music space, and Stonebwoy continues to water the faith of the Black Star nation in his offerings. From listening to his “Far Away” tune, one comes to the realization that this musician knows his onions.

This number actually takes the listener far away from the grip of boredom. So, yeah, you’re in for a wonderful musical experience with what’s currently playing. Just pause and listen. Watch.

4. Gyakie & JBee  – Scar

So much is embedded in a scar – a history, a memory, tears – a lot of things many people would rather not experience or run away from. Anyway, Gyakie and JBee did a fine job of bringing their “Scar” tune to the public. This number is relatable and memorable and should make the playlist of anyone who has experienced one trouble or the other in this life.

5. Stonebwoy – African System

Is there something like an African system? Some tweeps would tell you yes, and that it is a system where almost anything goes. Whether that is a theme interrogated in this song is something we would rather leave to you to find out. But we would tell you for free that you can relate to this tune.

Stonebwoy making it again on this list should not surprise you if you are truly conversant with his creative sinews. He’s that good.

6. Kweku Smoke – Be Mine

Love is one theme that just cannot be divorced from music. In fact, it is one theme many musicians love to interrogate. How well they do it depends on your tastes and what exactly you are looking for in a song. But we can tell you for free that “Be Mine” is like wine to the soul. Check it out below and share it with a lover.

7. Medikal – Warning

This Medikal is not a medical doctor nor does the world of medicine concern him here. His adopted stage name ends where it begins – as an adopted stage name. But he’s got an intriguing number dubbed “Warning,” which merits a place on our list. S you should as well check it out. No qualms.

8. Kweku Smoke – Stay Alert

Kweku Smoke’s “Stay Alert” is not just another piece of music but a call for self-awareness. The importance of this call cannot be lost on anyone who is truly paying attention. The message embedded in this number is timeless. So embrace it and, well,  “Stay Alert.”

9. Nana Fofie – Selling Dreams

Nana Fofie is out there selling dreams, and it is up to you to go bid for whatever you want. Lol. While she might not be the most resonant name in Ghanaian music, she has put together a number worth the playtime. Listen.

10. Sista Afia – Carry Go

Sista Afia makes room for a moment’s exuberance with her “Carry Go” tune. This number bears enough energy to not only get the party started but keep everyone on the floor as well.


11. Camidoh – Adoley

Camidoh is one voice you would love to listen to. This songster ushers your soul into a poetic eden with this song below.

12. Black Sherif – Konongo Zongo

A maker of highly relatable music, Black Sherif did it again with his “Konongo Zongo” tune. The music video of the song was set in an environment that amplified the message = definitely worth checking out

13. King Promise – Terminator

Many would hurry to claim kingship, but how many of them are truly kings? Anyway, King Promise brings y’all an interesting bop dubbed “Terminator.” Play the tune to terminate the terror of ennui in your life

14. Kwesi Arthur – Penny

Kwesi Arthur Brings you a “Penny” for your troubles. This song is not exactly the best from the songster since he popped into the music scene in Ghana, but it is worth the play and worth a place on here. Have your “Penny,” peeps.

15. KiDi – I Lied

It is a “confession” moment for KiDi. Dude “lied,” but it is all well and good if you’re in for a comedic music break with him. There ends the list. You are at liberty to add to it.


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