Heardle, The Music Wordle Quiz Game & How To Play It

The Music Wordle Quiz Game Called Heardle

The seed of inspiration planted by Wordle has flourished past the stage of germination, taking extensive roots and giving birth to many variants along the way. Heardle is such a Wordle variant, birthed as a tribute to the original but unique enough to stand on its own as a thrilling alternative for the populous community of music lovers to partake in.

Heardle is a guess-that-song- game modelled loosely on the viral Wordle game. In all honesty, Heardle can be taken as an independent game of its own rights if not for the lingering shadow of similarities that remind you of its true origin. True to Wordle, Heardle is also a daily guessing game where players are challenged to guess the song of the day that is revealed in rationed portions over 6 chances.

The Heardle creators call it a “respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist”. The tracks used in the challenge are popular songs by celebrated artists, selected on a partly random and systematic criterion. So it truly tests your spontaneity to see whether you have the ear to spot a soundtrack with the least cues and within the shortest span.

How To Play Heardle

To play Heardle, you need more than luck because you’d need to prove your mettle as a music enthusiast with an extensive and eclectic personal library of popular music. However, if you also read the well-hidden hints within the game, then there is an almost sure chance of landing a win every time to create a streak.

You start every Heardle challenge with a 1-second audio hint of the song of the day. To figure out the song using that barely-there snippet, here’s a few things that may help:

1. Grok the rhythm

The Heardle team has emphasized that its solution list only comprises tracks belonging to the pop genre.

2. “Skip” a guess

Here is how the guessing system is designed in Heardle — when you make an entry or skip the guesses, a snippet of the song is leaked to you in second-by-second fractions.

3. Take it slow or race against time

There is no compulsion to skip a guess, as Heardle is a very generous dealer. It gives you sound fragments with each guess — skipped or used.

4. Coax the song “search-box” into revealing more hints

The search box at the bottom of the SoundCloud bar that you use to submit the answers to the system has all the tracks hidden in it, and the developers themselves recommend players to choose songs from the song list.

5. Heardle cheat tool

If we represent it numerically, the audio clues available to the players looks like this 1+1+2+3+4+5 (measured in seconds)– by the 6th and final guess, 16 seconds of the song is out for you to make a pretty informed guess.

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