Top Private Universities In Nigeria

Nigeria has plenty of private universities and institutions

Today, the educational landscape in Nigeria is filled with more than enough universities and colleges. These schools of higher learning can be categorized as either publicly owned or privately held by people, businesses, or religious organizations.

In Nigeria, there are currently over 100 private universities. These universities differ in student enrollment, course offerings, governing bodies, tuition, etc. Also, their tuition fees, Standard and quality of Education, and location and courses on offer greatly determine how the public sees them.

This Article aims to Highlight a few of these learning institutes based on the abovementioned criteria.

Baze University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, Baze University is a private university. The University was established in 2011 and offered fundamentally good academic programs. On March 7, 2011, the NUC issued the University a provisional license. It has now expanded to become one of Nigeria’s most coveted institutions. Charges range between ₦2,722,500 – ₦3,025,000 annually.

Caleb University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Lagos-based Caleb University first opened its doors in May 2007. The Nigerian Federal Government granted the temporary college permission to function as a private university. The College of Social and Management Sciences (COSOMAS), the College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS), and the College of Environmental Sciences and Management (COLENSMA) then began operations by accepting students. Tuition fees may range between ₦214,500 – ₦353,500 annually.

Veritas University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Veritas University is a private university with a campus in Abuja. It was established in March 2002 by the Nigerian Catholic Church. The University subsequently obtained its temporary operating license in 2007 and began accepting students in October 2008. Fees and other school charges may see wards pay between ₦330,000 – ₦1,500,000 annually.

Redeemer University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

The Redeemed Christian Church of God founded Redeemer’s University in 2005. Southwest Nigeria’s Ogun State is where the Institution is situated. It provides degree programs in administration, the social sciences, engineering, and the arts. Redeemer’s College Nigeria is reputable and well-known in infectious disease genomics. The University provided the necessary technology and training for disease diagnosis, sequencing, and bioinformatics and made the first accurate diagnoses of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. It also found two rhabdoviruses in Ekpoma, Nigeria. The University has the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science, and Faculty of Management Science. Fees may reach up to ₦450,000- ₦650,000 per year. 

Bowen University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

The Nigerian Baptist Convention owns and runs the private Baptist University in Nigeria, Bowen University. The college is situated in Iwo, Osun State. The Baptist College, one of Nigeria’s most well-known teacher-training institutes, has a sprawling 1,300-acre site on its main campus. In addition, the University runs several colleges, including the College of Law, College of Liberal Studies, College of Health Sciences, College of Environmental Science, College of Social & Management Science, College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science, and College of Computing & Communication Studies. Charges range from around ₦485,900 – ₦2,999,500 annually.

Igbinedion University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

The first private University, founded in Nigeria in 1999, is called Igbinedion University. This Institution is among the top 10 private universities in Nigeria. Famous Benin Chief Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion established Igbinedion University. This University is in the Edo State town of Okada in the Ovia North-East Local Government Area. Due to the time it has spent running since 1999, it has been able to grow the number of colleges and departments it has on offer. These now include the  College of Law, College of Pharmacy, College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences, College of Arts and Social Sciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and the College of Business and Management studies. Fees and other school charges may see students pay between ₦500,000 – ₦1,500,000 annually.

Landmark University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

The Living Faith Church Worldwide founded, owns, and runs Landmark University, a private Christian college. In Nigeria’s Kwara State, Omu-Aran is where the Institution is situated. In 2014, Webometrics placed Landmark University among the top five universities in Nigeria. The World Mission Agency founded Landmark University, which has ties to the Living Faith Church (WMA). Bishop David Oyedepo established the Christian missionary organization known as WMA. The Institution boasts colleges, including the College of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Pure and Applied Science, and Business and Social Sciences. Tuition and charges apply from the range of ₦532,000 – ₦675,000 per annum.

American University Of Nigeria (AUN)

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Yola, the capital of the Nigerian state of Adamawa, is home to the private American University of Nigeria (AUN). The University offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in the American educational model. It is recognized as Africa’s first development-focused Institution and currently enrolls over 1,500 students. Regarding annual tuition fees, AUN is among Nigeria’s most costly academic institutions. The Institution is said to be owned by Former vice president Atiku Abubakar and was established in 2004. The only American University in Nigeria is the American University of Nigeria.

Moreover, there are just 2 of its sort in the entire Sub-Saharan region of Africa. The Institution offers courses categorically grouped under the School of Law, School of Engineering, School of Art and Sciences, School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Information Technology & Communications. Students are often expected to pay charges that cumulatively range from ₦1,850,000 – ₦3,660,000.

Afe Babalola University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Ado-Ekiti is home to the private Afe Babalola University, also called ABUAD. Afe Babalola, a well-known lawyer and philanthropist from Nigeria, launched it in 2009. The Institution’s six colleges house the many academic programs it offers. It is also known for having one of the largest engineering schools in Africa. In addition, Afe Babalola University has a teaching hospital for its medical students, demonstrating how well-equipped it is. The Institution’s colleges are the College of Law, College of Sciences, College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the School of Social and Management Sciences. From ₦800,000 – ₦2,500,000, student charges are often found to be in that range per year.

Babcock University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria owns and runs Babcock University, a private Christian institution. Between Ibadan and Lagos, at Ilishan-Remo, is where the University is situated. Babcock University is one of the top private colleges in Nigeria and one of the newest, which explains why it is so much sought after by aspiring students. The American missionary David C. Babcock, who founded the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s operations in Nigeria, is honored with naming the University after him. Babcock University is relatively affordable even though the range of fees can occasionally become high, depending on the course of choice.

The School of Medicine offers Medicine, Anatomy,  Biochemistry, and Histology, while the College of Computing and Engineering Sciences offers Computer Science and Software Engineering. The College of Education and Humanities offers History and International Studies, Religious studies, Language and Literary Studies, Music and Creative Arts, and General Education Studies.

College of Law and Security Studies offers Jurisprudence, Public Law, Private and Commercial Law, International Law, and Security Studies courses. The College of Management Sciences offers Finance, Accounting, Business Administration,  Marketing, Information Resources, and Management. The School of Nursing Sciences offers Community Health and Adult Health, while the College of Public and Allied Health provides Medical Laboratory Science and Public Health. The College of Science And Technology offers Agriculture and Industrial Technology and Microbiology Basic Sciences. School of Social Sciences offers students courses in Social Work and Human Services, Mass Communication,  Political Sciences, and Economics. Fees may range from as low as ₦157,824 to over ₦1,977,200.

Covenant University

Top Private Universities In Nigeria, Yours Truly, Articles, December 3, 2023

Canaanland Ota, Ogun State, is home to the private Nigerian Institution Covenant University (CU). Pastor David Oyedepo, also the Institution’s Chancellor, established the Institution, and on October 21, 2002, it began operations. As a result, it has improved and is now regarded as one of Nigeria’s top universities. It eventually made history by being the first University in Nigeria to receive a Times Higher Education ranking in the 401-500 range.

The Institution offers a variety of college programs, including The College of Engineering, which gives Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Electrical, and Information Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The College of Leadership and Development Studies has programs like Leadership Studies, Languages and General Studies, Psychology and Political Science, and International Relations. The College of Management and Social Sciences has courses like Accounting, Banking And Finance, Business Management, Economics and Development Studies, Mass Communication, and Sociology. College of Science and Technology offers Physics, Building Technology,  Chemistry, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Computer & Information Sciences, Architecture, Estate Management, and Biological Sciences. 

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