Top 10 Love Songs Of 2022

Great love songs that have been exquisitely penned and composed by some of the best artists there are, which are technically the basis of this article, are already assisting in the Lord's work.

Even though the world is becoming increasingly indifferent on an emotional level, love and the idea of it still exist. Undoubtedly, not everyone has a distorted view of love. In order to repair the gaps and wreckage caused by war and ethnic/racial discrimination, humanity desperately needs people who still believe in love and who would sacrifice their lives for it.

Great love songs that have been exquisitely penned and composed by some of the best artists there are, which are technically the basis of this article, are already assisting in the Lord’s work. Whether or not you’re a sucker for love, you’re sure to appreciate these top 10 amazing love songs from the year 2022. Unless, of course, you have a heart of stone. Let’s get this thing started, shall we?

10. “Not Giving You Up,” by Big Time Rush

The second song from Big Time Rush after their comeback in 2021 is titled “Not Giving You Up.” The band’s prior song, “Call It Like I See It,” was followed by this one, which was made available for digital download and streaming on February 25, 2022. Big Time Rush is back in the game, and their most recent hit song about keeping hold of that particular someone is in an M-A-J-O-R mood.

9. “All of It All,” by Lukas Graham

In this tender love song, Lukas Graham embraces both the good and the terrible of real relationships, which aren’t always pretty. Lukas is clearly not the guy to avoid or shy away from uncomfortable situations in relationships.

Most Romantic Lyric: I got problems, I got demons / You still love me, for some reason / I know you got me when I fall / ’Cause you want all of it all of it all.

8. “Walk Through the Fire,” by Yung Bleu feat. Ne-Yo

The second collaboration between Yung Bleu and Ne-Yo is all about attempting to win back someone you might end up losing permanently. In the song’s music video, Bleu is shown escorting his love interest out of the house, making the message even more obvious. He then envisions her in a wedding gown being whisked away in an ambulance.

Most Romantic Lyric: I fell in love with you / That’s why it’s hard to say goodbye / That’s why every time you smile / I get a little bit closer to the sky.

7. “I’ll Never Not Love You,” by Michael Bublé

This really nice Michael Bublé’s tender love ballad is as calming as a nice bubble bath. Additionally, Love Actually, The Notebook, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Casablanca, and Jerry Maguire are among the iconic rom-coms that are honored in the music video. The moments in the video closely resemble those in the original movies.

Most Romantic Lyric: I’ll treat you right / I’ll stand by you / And no matter whatever happens / I’ll never not love you.

6. “Nonsense,” by Sabrina Carpenter

With her brand-new album’s song “Nonsense,” Sabrina Carpenter channeled her inner Ariana Grande. The song demonstrates the former Disney darling’s ability to stray into an R&B and soulful style reminiscent of the “Thank U, Next” singer. Do you recall how you felt when you first started to fall for someone and nearly went insane? Yup. Sabrina Carpenter fully comprehends that on this track.

Most Romantic Lyric: I’ll be honest / Lookin’ at you got me thinkin’ nonsense / Cartwheels in my stomach when you walk in / And when you got your arms around me / Ooh, it feels so good, I had to jump the octave.

5. “Starry Eyes,” by The Weeknd

To have starry eyes is to have an idealistic optimism or enthusiasm. The Weeknd recalls his youthful days when he believed he would find the girl of his dreams and they would lead happy, fulfilling lives. Now that he’s older and has seen more tragic breakups, he is more cynical about love.

The Weeknd has finally encountered the girl of his dreams, who is “broken, hurting, and suffering from a shattered soul.” He recognizes her suffering because he has personally experienced it, and he wants to give her the love she deserves. He would support his love interest despite the fact that she “kicks him to the curb.”

4. “Room for 2,” by Benson Boone

This charming song by former American Idol contestant Benson Boone is essentially the definition of upbeat, feel-good music. For helpless romantics this would surely slap different.

Most Romantic Lyric: When you’re barely holding on / I’ll be anything you want / Open up my heart for you / Baby, I got room for two.

3. “Shotgun,” by Soccer Mommy

Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy dresses contradiction up like camouflage, masking the deepest aspirations with sugary vocal hooks. Contradiction masks a plea for assistance, while cheery tunes conceal bitter feelings. In her most recent song, “Shotgun,” Soccer Mommy embraces the overwhelming—and frequently terrifying—surrender of letting yourself fall in love while knowing it’s probably going to hurt. She has previously used this technique to make fun of Allison’s vulnerabilities.

2. “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,” by FINNEAS

The song comes after the singer and producer’s recent single “Naked” and debut solo album “Optimist.” You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy catchy love tunes. This one is totally for you. The song is accompanied with a video that includes scenes from Eilish’s recent headline tour of the UK and Europe and features illustrations by acclaimed filmmaker Gus Van Sant.

Most Romantic Lyric: For the record, this is not what I wanted / I wanted my heart to remain in my pocket / She took it out and wrote her name right on it / And now I’m only borrowing.

1. “Late Night Talking,” by Harry Styles

The song “Late Night Talking” tackles themes of love, warmth, and intimacy in a style that evokes the 1970s. Harry firmly expresses his feelings to his love interest in the bouncy romantic song, which takes a positive look at the little pleasures of a relationship. Announcing throughout that he has recently fallen in love with “late-night talking” with his partner, Styles embraces the romanticism hidden inside the mundane. Although Harry’s House is replete with love songs, “Late Night Talking” stands out for its sweetness.

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