Top 10 Nigerian Love Songs Of All Time

Whether or not you choose to hold your breath, love is in the air! While the cold world has turned many hearts cold, many still believe in love. The truth is everyone needs some love in their lives. And one thing that helps push the message of love is music. Somehow love songs find intricate ways to attach themselves to treasured memories and precious moments in various experiences throughout our human existence, especially when you’re with that special somebody or reminiscing about a lovely time(s) spent with a loved one(s).

No matter how shutoff to love you, there will always be that one love song that will always get you, especially those you jammed to as a kid, way before your first heartbreak. Those bury themselves in your subconscious. And that’s what we’re here to talk about. So as we approach this year’s Valentine’s day celebration, it is only fitting we shed the light of love on those Nigerian love songs that melt us to our sinews. So we fished out the best ten out of a crammed pool of great Nigerian love songs. That said, let’s now get into them.

10. Love My Baby by Wizkid

Released in 2011 from his debut album, “Superstar,” this song became an anthem upon its release. Wiz poured out his soul to his lover on this record, which can be heard in his passionate singing. A decade later, this song still slaps.

9. Need Somebody by Faze

This golden love song was included as the seventh track on Faze’s 2006 “Independent” album. This song makes you dream of an imaginary lover if you have none. It presents you with all the mushy feels—a true classic.

8. One Naira by M.I. featuring Waje

This is one of M.I.’s most popular songs, and it was released in 2010 as track number ten on his sophomore album M.I. 2: The Movie. The chorus features the gifted Waje’s vocals. We’re not suggesting that you subscribe to “struggle love,” but he praises his love interest for prioritizing love above money, which makes for lovely music.

7. Olufunmi by Styl-Plus

We can practically promise that if you randomly choose 20 Nigerians over 18, they will all be familiar with the chorus of Olufunmi. The song, included on the Styl-Plus album “Expressions” in 2006, gained popularity immediately and is still their biggest hit. Worthy of mention. Back then, everyone’s favorite song to play or sing for their girlfriends to make them swoon was this one.

6. One Love by Onyeka Onwenu

Even though this isn’t about romantic love, it would be incorrect to omit it from the list because it still conveys a message of love. Even in 2021, the song from 1986 is still relevant. We are encouraged to unite as one and to love one another by the song “One Love.” Although it may come off as corny, we would argue that it is more than relevant in light of the current state of instability in the world.

5. Angel of My Life by Paul Play

It was first launched in the early 2000s. This song, most likely released in 2006, has appeared on numerous love music playlists. In 2020, he released a remix with Runtown. Paul Play is the son of late juju musician Isaiah Kehinde Dairo. Play this song ten years from now, and all the pre-Gen-Z lover boys will sing along, word for word, like a recital.

4. Oruka by Sunny Neji

This song was released in 2007 when there weren’t many Nigerian wedding love songs, and Sunny Neji, who had gotten married a few years previously, wrote it particularly to fill that void. It immediately became a popular wedding song. Even Sunny Neji realized he had made a classic that could not be replicated after trying to make another song similar to “Oruka.” The song still holds so much meaning today, retaining all the nostalgia.

3. Never Far Away by Labgaja

Never Far Away was released in 2004 and featured the magnificent Ego’s voice supported by an orchestra, violins, bata drums, percussion, and a beautiful synthesis of sounds that he’s dubbed AFRICANO. This song is quite nice to listen to. This one is a masterpiece because it gives you a nice, fuzzy feeling in your tummy and is also packed with nostalgia and traditional ingredients that sweeten the entire pie.

2. African Queen by 2Face Idibia

It was published in 2004 and was the pinnacle of Nigerian love songs. Possibly the first contemporary pop song from Nigeria, it received widespread appreciation on a global scale and was even used on the soundtrack of the film Phat Girls.

1. Ololufe by Wande Coal

He received his first significant break in Nigeria’s entertainment sector as a dancer. He then rose to fame as a singer thanks to his hit song “Ololufe.” This is one of the greatest Nigerian songs of all time. After so many years, this song remains evergreen.

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