Top 10 Podcasts In Nigeria

Social media has revolutionized news and information dissemination as we know it. It has also put so much power in the hands of the people that they don’t rely on traditional media or established media houses to put themselves out there – and maybe become famous.

A podcast is also an avenue for a supposedly ordinary person to put himself out there, inject himself into nationally important conversations and be truly seen or heard. And because setting up or owning a podcast is not as difficult or capital-intensive as setting up a radio or television, many people have delved into podcasting.

Over the years we have seen podcasts emerge and disappear while some stick around despite the supposed challenges before them. Of course, the focus here is not on the challenges these podcasts face. We only want to bring to you some of the top podcasts in Nigeria.

In podcasting like in almost every other area of human interest, people specialise – some in areas they think they are good at and some in areas they assume will gain more traction. This list of the top 10 podcasts In Nigeria is an eclectic mix.

Here, speaking of the top 10 podcasts In Nigeria, we deliver them in no particular order. And yes, while some are delivered more frequently, others are not. Join us as we take a look into the orbit of the top podcasts in the West African country.

1. Uncensored

What’s in a name? We would say a lot, especially in this instance. The Uncensored podcast is just that – uncensored, delivering the unfiltered realities of politics, social issues, lifestyle and so much more. You might think of it as a mixed bag of almost every possible topic under the song in Nigeria.

The only difference here is that it actually holds nothing back. Understandably, it can be jarring and exciting in equal measure. Not a bad addition if you want a thrilling listening experience.

2. Leadership News & Talk

As can be gleaned from the name, this podcast is actually the initiative of Leadership newspapers, one of the better-edited newspapers in Nigeria. Leadership is based in the nation’s capital Abuja and its podcast brings a mixed feast of sports, arts, business and entertainment to those who would listen. It holds about 12 episodes each quarter.

3. Made in Nigeria

Nigeria is a vast, throbbing space with creatives churning out one thing or the other. But, of course, not everyone is aware of this – Nigerians and foreigners alike. And that is where the Made in Nigeria podcast comes in.

It documents the stories and exploits of notable Nigerians – from entrepreneurs to athletes, you name it – and serves them hot to members of the public.

4. Nigeria Daily

Its name is fairly symbolic and gives clues about what it does. The Nigeria daily podcast brings incisive daily commentary on the nation. Here, a mix of subjects or rather issues is served hot to the audience. You are at liberty to think of it as a mirror of the goings-on in the country.

With an average length of 16 minutes and subjects that easily snag attention, the Nigeria Daily podcast is definitely something to check out for those keen on a balanced diet on Nigeria.

5. The Offside Musings Podcast

Contrary to what the name of the podcast might suggest, it is actually not offside. On the contrary, it actually brings you a full feast of intellectual takes courtesy of Prof.  Okey Ndibe and  Emeka Onyeagwa. If you have been paying attention, then you probably know that Okey Ndibe is one of the finest scholars out there, and he brings so much intellectual energy and historical bandwidth to the podcast.

The result is there for all to see. We would rather leave it to you to find out for yourself.

6. Once Upon A Naija

This podcast is not exactly regular, but when it goes live, it shares so much thought-provoking content that will have people hooked for a long time, too. The podcast also takes fans on historical excursions of the West African country, revealing its disparate colours, sights, sounds, peoples and so much more.

This podcast will especially appeal to history buffs but lovers of knowledge generally would love it as well.

7. Hard Facts with Sandra Ezekwesili

What makes a fact hard? We wouldn’t want to dwell on that but would gladly tell you that Hard Facts with Sandra Ezekwesili is another potent podcast in Nigeria’s podcasting universe. The podcast has also been a centre of controversy thanks in part to the outspokenness of its host.

Interestingly, the lady behind the podcast wields noticeable power not only on that platform but on Twitter, where she has an active account, as well.

8. Step Up Nigeria Podcast

When things become abominably bad, people are bound to lose faith in their country. That’s where the Step Up Nigeria podcast comes in with its message of national reaffirmation and rebirth, pushing even the docile into a semblance of action that would benefit the country.

The podcast has taken as part of its brief, the improvement of service delivery in the country, tackling corruption, as well as building bridges that will foster national cohesion and correspondent growth and brotherhood.

9. The  Nigerian Scam

Okay, although its name suggests something nefarious and something that might cause manage to cringe, this podcast doesn’t teach anyone the ABC of turpitude. On the contrary, it brings before the public the politics and history of Nigeria, as well as the fraudulence of the ruling class.

From listening to this podcast, one should be seriously clued in on why things don’t work in the country – and how course how to make things work

10. FemiDLive

A broadcast journalist, Femi D Amele brings some depth to this podcast, which interrogates major issues as well as shares inspiring stories of Nigerian politics.  The podcast has been around for a while and stands out as something you should check out if you care to be conversant about Nigeria’s political space.

Of course, we could go on and on but have decided to limit ourselves to just – the  top 10 Podcasts In Nigeria

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