Best 25 Music Blog Websites

We have taken the time to enlist the top 25 music blogs/websites

Music is, has always been, and will continue to remain a universal language worldwide. But, of course, different genres of music appeal to different crowds and age groups. And even with the proliferation of music streaming platforms, there is still that basic need for true music stans to keep up with their fave artists, their lifestyles and what they are working on next, which is where music blogs come in.

Not only do music blogs/websites help with relaying trending music and artist news, most, if not all of them conduct music reviews and tally up records by charting them based on various parameters, so folks can get to really see and know what and what song(s) or album(s) is/are really popping. That way, music lovers also get to discover new artists and sounds. Many birds, one stone. Therefore we have taken the time to enlist the top 25 of these music blogs/websites specially for you. Keep scrolling to check them out.

1. Pitchfork

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Since it has been publishing content for almost three decades, Pitchfork has grown to become one of the top music publications worldwide. Thanks to the extensive selection of reviews, interviews, and exclusive mixes, it might be your ideal source of inspiration while seeking for music of any genre. Pitchfork, however, does more than simply write interesting pieces; it also frequently conducts online events and festivals in cities like Chicago, Paris, and Berlin.

2. Billboard

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Every week, Penske Media Corp. publishes Billboard, an American music and entertainment magazine. The publication offers information about music industry-related events, news, videos, opinion pieces, reviews, and style. The Hot 100, 200, and Global 200 are a few of its music charts that track the most well-liked albums and songs across many musical genres. It also manages various TV shows, a publishing company, and hosts events.

Billboard was established in 1894 as a trade journal for billboards by William Donaldson and James Hennegan. Hennegan’s shareholding was subsequently purchased by Donaldson in 1900 for $500. As the jukebox, phonograph, and radio gained popularity, Billboard started concentrating more on the music sector. When Donaldson passed away in 1925, Billboard was passed down to his and Hennegan’s children until it was sold to private investors in 1985. Since then, it has been owned by a number of different people.

3. Rolling Stone

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

American monthly publication Rolling Stone focuses on music, politics, and popular culture. Ralph J. Gleason, a music critic, and Jann Wenner started it in 1967 in San Francisco, California. Hunter S. Thompson’s reporting on politics and rock music made it famous in the beginning. The journal expanded and moved its emphasis to a younger readership in the 1990s who was interested in youth-targeted television programs, movie actors, and popular music. Since then, it has reverted to its standard mix of topics, which includes politics, entertainment, and music.

4. HotNewHipHop

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

In addition to streetwear, sports, and footwear, HotNewHipHop (HNHH) is an online publication that offers daily news on hip hop and pop culture. HotNewHipHop publishes four video series in addition to its editorial content: How to Roll, On The Come Up, In My Bag, and Snack Review. The website has received numerous nominations in the BET Hip Hop Awards category for “The Best Hip Hop Platform.” The website has a reputation for chronicling the careers of numerous musicians.

5. Mixmag

British electronic dance and nightlife publication Mixmag is based in London. It began as a print publication in 1983 and has since expanded to include dance festivals and club nights. Clubgoers can’t live without the venerable music website because it publishes numerous articles about electronic music and clubbing every day.

Here you may find exclusive DJ sets performed by the most well-known DJs in the world, tickets to special events, and details on music technology in addition to news about events and new releases. A DJ mailout service called Disco Mix Club printed the inaugural edition of Mixmag, a 16-page black-and-white magazine, on February 1st, 1983.

The American musical group Shalamar was featured on the first cover. Following a decline in sales in 2003, Development Hell bought Mixmag in 2005. Editor Nick DeCosemo started in 2007. In April 2015, Duncan Dick was appointed editor.Wasted Talent Ltd., which formerly went by the name Mixmag Media Ltd., is the corporation that owns Mixmag.

6. Consequence of Sound

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Consequence (formerly Consequence of Sound) is an independently owned New York-based online magazine with news, essays, and reviews of music, movies, and television. The website also includes the Festival Outlook micro-site, which acts as an online news and rumor database for music festival.

Consequence of Sound débuted Consequence Podcast Network in 2018. The song “Consequence of Sounds” by Regina Spektor served as the inspiration for the initial name of the website. Alex Young, a student at Fordham University in The Bronx, New York, launched Consequence of Sound in September 2007. Michael Roffman was named Editor-in-Chief in January 2008.


The variety of the piece, which includes record reviews, technology reviews, and artist interviews, will appeal to fans of electronic music. For anyone wishing to launch a career in the electronic music industry, also includes a gear+tech area. The “Opinion” column on, which features excellent in-depth pieces about creativity and music technology, may, however, turn many readers into fans.

8. Loudwire

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

American internet media publication Loudwire specializes on reporting on heavy metal and hard rock musicians. Ownership of it belongs to Townsquare Media, a media and entertainment company. Since its August 2011 debut, Loudwire has landed exclusive interviews with well-known musicians including Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Judas Priest, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Suicidal Tendencies, and many more.

In addition, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Sour, Phil Anselmo, and numerous other renowned rock and metal groups have had their brand-new songs exclusively presented on Loudwire. The globally syndicated radio show Loudwire Nights, hosted by Toni Gonzalez, may be heard on Townsquare’s rock stations across the nation.

9. Uproxx

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Uproxx (stylized in all caps) is a popular culture and entertainment news website. Jarret Myer and Brian Brater started it in 2008, and in 2014, Woven Digital (later known as Uproxx Media Group) bought it. Men between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the site’s target demographic.

When Warner Music Group purchased it in August 2018, Myer and CEO Benjamin Blank continued to run the business. With a focus on men between the ages of 18 and 34, Uproxx is a news and debate website for millennials. The website focuses on sports, movies, TV, and music while also covering popular news items about entertainment and culture.

10. NME

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

British website and brand called New Musical Express (NME) covers music, movies, video games, and culture. The NME was first established as a newspaper, or “rock inkie,” in 1952. It later evolved into a magazine and eventually became a free publication before becoming an online brand with a website and radio stations.

With more than sixteen million visitors per month, the website for the magazine became the largest solo music site in the world after its 1996 launch. After Singaporean music company BandLab Technologies purchased NME in 2019, all of its music publications were consolidated under the NME Networks name in December 2021.

11. The Fader

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Rob Stone and Jon Cohen founded the New York City-based publication The Fader (stylized as FADER) in 1999. The publication covers fashion, music, and culture. The paper edition was the first to be made available on iTunes. The Fader Media group, which also owns, as well as Fader movies, Fader Label, and Fader TV, is the owner of it.

12. Stereogum

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Daily online publication Stereogum specializes in news, reviews, interviews, and analysis about music. Scott Lapatine started the site in January 2002. One of the original MP3 blogs, Stereogum has won numerous accolades and recognitions, including the PLUG Award for Music Blog of the Year, Blender’s Powergeek 25, and Entertainment Weekly’s Best Music Websites.

The website received the OMMA Award for Web Site Excellence in the Entertainment/Music category and was recognized as an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards in the music category. The Village Voice’s Music Blog of the Year award went to Stereogum in 2011.

13. Spin

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

American music publication Spin was established in 1985 by publisher Bob Guccione Jr. Since ceasing to publish a print edition in 2012, the magazine is now owned by Next Management Partners and is only available online. The journal started releasing a whole digital edition of each issue in 2008. Google Books started offering free access to the whole past issues of Spin magazine in March 2010.

With the March 2012 edition, Spin extended its online presence and relaunched the magazine in a larger, bi-monthly format. R.E.M., Prince, Run-D.M.C., the Beastie Boys, and Talking Heads were prominently featured on the covers of Spin, and Duran Duran, Keith Richards, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Tom Waits, and John Lee Hooker were the subjects of in-depth stories.

14. HipHopDX

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

HipHopDX is a news and critique website for hip hop music. Sharath Cherian serves as the website’s president and publisher at the moment, and Jerry L. Barrow is its head of content. The flagship publication of Cheri Media Group is HipHopDX. Warner Music Group bought the website in September 2020.

At the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, HipHopDX received a nomination for “Best Hip Hop Online Site.” HipHopDX was ranked third on The Source’s 2013 Digital Power 30 list, which rates the most well-known hip-hop websites, on September 3, 2013.

15. Hypebeast

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

With a focus on modern culture and lifestyle, Hypebeast is a Hong Kong-listed business. Hypebeast was first started in 2005 by Kevin Ma as a blog about sneakers. Since then, it has grown to cover fashion, art, music, Web3, and other topics. HBX, a shopping platform, Hypemaker, an internal creative production firm, and Hypemedia, the company’s online editorial and social media platforms, make up Hypebeast’s three main divisions. Hypebae and Popbee for women, Hypemoon for Web3, Hypeart for art, and Hypegolf for golf are additional media platforms to the multilingual Hypebeast media network.

16. Vulture

The culture section of the New York Times, Vulture, covers TV, movies, music, books, theater, art, and the entertainment business every day. The fortnightly magazine published in the United States, New York, focuses particularly on New York City while covering life, society, politics, and fashion in general. With the publication of numerous notable essays on American culture, it expanded nationally over time.

17. XXL Mag

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Published by Townsquare Media since 1997, XXL is an American hip-hop publication. XXL, King and Antenna were purchased by Townsquare Media in 2014 from Harris Publications. Townsquare declared it would keep publishing XXL in print on October 14, 2014. The publication schedule for the magazine was announced by the firm in December 2014.

The inaugural issue of XXL was published by Harris Publications in August 1997. Rappers Jay-Z and Master P appeared on a double cover. Hip-Hop Soul, Eye Candy, and Shade45 are a few titles released under the XXL brand that have limited runs. Numerous additional unique initiatives, like as tour programs, mixtapes, and exclusive DVDs, have been made available by XXL. Additionally, XXL runs a well-liked website that features daily hip-hop news, original content, and magazine content.

In addition, the magazine’s cover highlights ten up-and-coming talents. Since its inception, the list has featured both established musicians and up-and-coming rappers. According to many artists, their first taste of fame came from the list, which generates major marketing buzz among listeners and artists alike.

18. Your EDM

There are lots of positive aspects to Your EDM. They have a Discord channel where you can talk about your favorite albums and promote your music, and you can download a ton of music for free from their “free download” page. Finally, they publish news about trance and bass music before anyone else, with interesting articles and honest reviews.

19. Ultimate Classic Rock

The blog Ultimate Classic Rock features classic rock music news, interviews, images, songs, and lists from performers in the genre. Music reviews and charts make excellent sideshows. Literally everything and anything related to rock music.

20. Music Business Worldwide

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

Tim Ingham, a former editor of Music Week, founded the news and analysis website Music Business Worldwide (MBW) in 2015. According to Alexa Internet, as of December 2020, it was number 22,845 on the list of the most popular websites worldwide. Former Music Week editor Tim Ingham launched Music Business Worldwide. In 2014, he filed for company registration, and in 2015, he launched the website. Business Insider and Music Business Worldwide agreed to a content agreement in August 2015.

21. Noisey

Noisey was introduced by Vice as an online music discovery platform with a focus on live concert videos back in 2011. The project’s musical goals were modest at the time. Vice’s creative director Eddy Moretti called the website at the time to Billboard “an interactive magazine” done properly. It was a collaboration between Vice’s branding agency Virtue and Dell. Noisey is the voice of music within the Vice ecosystem. Sundermann sees that as another obligation, but he is certain that the group he has put together is capable of handling it.

22. Complex

Complex Networks is a New York City-based provider of media and entertainment for young people. Fashion designer Marc (Ecko) Milecofsky established Complex as a bimonthly magazine. The pop culture, fashion, footwear, food, music, and sports beats are covered by Complex Networks.

Through its own, controlled, and partner websites, social media platforms, and YouTube channels, Complex Networks attracted over 90 million unique users per month in 2013. With the December 2016/January 2017 edition, the print magazine stopped being published. On YouTube, Complex now has 4.55 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views overall.

23. Clash

Founded in the UK, Clash, is a publication that focuses on music and fashion. Music Republic Ltd, whose predecessor Clash Music Ltd filed for bankruptcy, now publishes it four times annually. The publication has won more awards in Scotland and England in addition to the PPA Magazine Awards’ Best New Magazine prize from 2004.

At the 2011 Record of the Day Awards, it was most notable for winning Magazine of the Year. Iain Carnegie, Jon-Paul Kitching, Simon Harper, John O’Rourke, and others founded Clash. Vibe, a long-running free-listings publication with headquarters in Dundee, Scotland, gave birth to it.

24. All Music

Best 25 Music Blog Websites, Yours Truly, Articles, May 24, 2024

AllMusic is an American online music database that was once known as All Music Guide and AMG. 30 million recordings and more than three million album entries are indexed, along with details on bands and musicians. The database, which was started in 1991, was initially made accessible online in 1994. RhythmOne owns AllMusic. Michael Erlewine introduced AllMusic as All Music Guide.

All Music moved from Big Rapids to Ann Arbor in 1999, when the team grew from 12 to 100 individuals. Two million tunes and 350,000 albums had been indexed by February of that year. 300 essays authored by “a hybrid of historians, critics, and passionate collectors” were among the 30,000 artist biographies, 120,000 record reviews, and 120,000 essays that All Music has published.

25. Kerrang!

Currently published by Wasted Talent, Kerrang! is a British weekly magazine devoted to rock, punk, and heavy metal music (the same company that owns electronic music publication Mixmag). It was first released as a special supplement in the publication Sounds on June 6, 1981. Kerrang! was initially focused on the new wave of British heavy metal and the emergence of hard rock acts.

The name Kerrang! is an onomatopoeic word that originates from the sound made when playing a power chord on a distorted electric guitar. It rose to become the most popular British music weekly in the early 2000s. 1981 saw the founding of Kerrang! Alan Lewis, the editor of the monthly music magazine Sounds, requested that Geoff Barton put together a one-time special edition devoted to the new wave of British heavy metal and the growth of other hard rock artists.

Kerrang! is an excellent example of a venture that has maintained its integrity over the years. It provides excellent reviews of both emerging and well-established artists with an unwavering dedication and passion. As a result, Kerrang!’s reviews are regarded as some of the scene’s most current. This music blog is always cited in an album review on Wikipedia.

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