Top Gospel Songs In 2022

Here is a list of the top Gospel songs released in 2022.

The Gospel music scene is very welcoming. It is never about the artists but about the music being made. The music aims at healing broken hearts, uplifting the spirit, and bringing joy into homes. Most of the Gospel songs out now do this effortlessly.

Last year, Gospel artists, including Cece Winans, Nigerian singer and songwriter Sinach, Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, and more, gained significant airplay worldwide. Songs like “Believe For It,” “Goodness Of God,” “Waymaker,” and “Million Little Miracles” dominated the airwaves, and Gospel fans could not get enough of them. It was not about the artists behind the songs but more about the music and the message they conveyed.

The case has not been different this year. A few songs released late last year have spilled into this year and become significant hits. Also, several artists have gained massive airplay due to the songs they have released this year. The focus is still on the music, and the world has been filled with the warmth it brings.

Popular groups, Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music, are still very much under everyone’s radar. Also, artists like Cece Winans, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and more have retained significant spots on the airplay charts. It has been a great year so far. Here is a list of the top Gospel songs of 2022 that you should know about.

1. Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music – Jireh ft. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine

Elevation Worship and Maverick City teamed to release the soul-lifting song “Jireh.” It features vocals from singers Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine. This beautiful song talks about being content in every circumstance because God is enough for you. It also proclaims God’s love for his people and how much it trumps every other kind of love. This would have you singing along after a few plays.

2. Byron Cage – You Are

Veteran Gospel singer and songwriter Byron Cage released the song “You Are” off his album “Isolation.” It quickly became a chart-topper and has gained praise from Gospel fans worldwide. The talented singer hails God for who He is in the song. He calls him “the Lamb of God, The Lion of Judah, A mighty strong tower.” This will charge you up to worship with all your heart.

3. Tamela Mann – He Did It For Me


If you’ve got a testimony that your heart cannot be quiet about, then Tamela Mann’s “He Did It For Me” would echo how you feel. The beautiful spirit-filled song by Mann talks about Christ’s death and his sacrifice for the people of God. She sings, “he did it for me,” to show that his death and resurrection were for our victory and elevation. You will love this one.

4. Kim Person – Wonderful

Kim Person’s “Wonderful” may not have been a raging success since he dropped, but it is one of the most beautiful songs released this year. In it, she talks about all the things that Jesus is, which make him extraordinary. Now, who wouldn’t want to hear that? She calls him a wonderful counselor, the Prince of peace, and the mighty God. This will fill your heart with worship.

5. Elevation Worship – Same God ft. Jonsal Barrientes

If you’re feeling stuck and helpless and in need of rescue, this beautiful song by Elevation Worship is what you need. With lead vocals by Jonsal Barrientes, the song talks about calling on God in times of distress and believing him to rescue you. It speaks about hoping in his faithfulness and trusting him to take care of even the impossible. You will love it.

6. Katy Nichole – In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)

Some songs are just blessings being poured into your life and spirit. This is one of them. Singer Katy Nichole blessed hearts and lives with this one. She sings prophetically to situations in the Listener’s life. The slow song will bless your heart the minute it starts playing. It orders the change of circumstances and rebukes fear. The song is not only a prophecy but also a prayer.

7. For King & Country – For God Is With Us

Released late last year, For King & Country’s song “For God Is With Us” has been a success. The song has gained significant airplay on the airwaves and has amassed millions of streams across various platforms. The group usually does not rely on simple lyrics as most Gospel artists do. However, they single about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which changed the world forever. It also talks about celebrating Christ’s coming glory.

8. Elevation Worship – What I See ft. Chris Brown

What do you see? This beautiful song, “What I See” by Elevation Worship featuring Chris Brown, will stir your heart to see things in the spirit. The song’s lyrics will release your faith and cause you to believe in the impossible. It is a faith-filled song that will leave you blessed and cause you to believe again. It also talks about Christ’s resurrection and us rising with him.

9. Casting Crowns – Crazy People

How crazy is your faith? Are you crazy enough to believe when people call you out for it? Do you believe in manifesting the impossible even when everyone else does not? This beautiful song by Casting Crowns talks about embracing who you are as a “crazy person” in Christ. Are you one of those Crazy People?

10. We Are The Kingdom – Miracle Power

Many of the Gospel songs released this year have focused on messages of hope, redemption, and peace in God’s word. This one “is for the lost, lonely, broken, and afraid.” It urges you to believe in the miracle-working power of God.

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