Top Nigerian Gospel Worship Songs Of All Time

Nigeria is a nation immersed in religion, of which there are several. And for each religion, an accompanying sound or music aids worship. But our main focus in this article is Gospel music, the sound or genre of music that comes along with Christianity, one of the ruling religions in the country. However, Gospel music is not only consumed and enjoyed by Christians only. For years, Gospel music has constantly been making a tremendous nationwide impact as it keeps evolving with the emergence of many young artists introducing different new-school styles and melodies.

Over the years, decades upon decades, tons of Nigerian Gospel songs have been recorded and published, so it was not a walk in the park selecting what we consider the best or top ten Nigerian Gospel songs of all time. Join us to explore these incredible songs and discover which artist is behind what song. We must also note that the following list was not compiled in any particular order. That said, let us now proceed.

IGWE – Midnight Crew

This is a song that will always get you moving. It was released in 2006 by the now-defunct Midnight Crew and continues to be a crowd favorite during praise sessions. The way this song caught fire, locally and internationally, was unbelievable even to the singing group. In the song, they found a way to also represent their Nigerian roots through the thoughtful choice of their rich Gospel lyrics. This song took the Midnight Crew to various shows overseas. They sang a worship song in local Nigerian dialects on foreign soil, and white people danced. Powerful.


The south-south region of Nigeria had a strong representation with this single. This track has served as a model for many southern musicians to this day. It is, without a doubt, the song that catapulted the late Kefee into the spotlight. Sadly, she did not stay long enough to bless us with many more Gospel classics. Rest her soul. “Branama” was influential in the music market, clearing a path for other south-south Gospel artists to enter the Nigerian Gospel music business.

OGHENE DO – Frank Edwards

One of the songs that established Frank Edward’s position on the gospel music scene is this mid-tempo smooth rock number from his Unlimited-Verse 1 album, which is frequently requested at his live performances. Frank came into the game with a foreign style which he blended with the indigenous vibe, and this was one of his early career tracks that shocked many, quickly turning them into fans. Many years after the song’s release, it blesses lives and showcases raw African talent.

WAY MAKER – Sinach

The song propelled Sinach to the top of the Billboard Christian Songwriter’s Chart, making her the first African and Nigerian to accomplish this achievement. Several Christian rock bands, including Hillsong, Michael W Smith, and many others, have also covered it. Sinach did Nigerian Gospel music a solid with this global smash. Sinach unknowingly created a blueprint with this song, which other up-and-coming Gospel artists seem to emulate. “Way Maker” was nothing short of inspirational.

AKANCHAWA – Njideka and Gozie Okeke

The biggest song from Njideka’s Ministration album, which sold millions of copies and cemented her as a household name, is a no-brainer; this list would be incomplete without it. However, this song was more than a song; it was a movement; people used to sing it to express congratulations and wish others success. The success of this song was so crazy that a motorcycle production company named a series of motorcycles made at the time after the song. This groundbreaking historical Gospel song will live on for generations to come.


“Come Let’s Praise the Lord” would be at the top of the list if arranged in descending order. This hymn has become a church standard, and few churches in Nigeria can say they’ve never performed it. This was also a personal favorite for so many kids who grew up during that era, as children would prefer to do their calisthenics to no other gospel song but this one. Dr. Percy wrote his name in stone regarding Gospel music in Nigeria with this wildly successful song. He proved himself a top-tier Gospel singer.

MMA MMA – Buchi

All you need to say is, “I woke up on Sunday morning…” to elicit an electrifying response. The gospel reggae maestro, relying on his Igbo roots, offered us a Gospel reggae that will forever remain evergreen. This song will stay relevant even in the coming decades. It’s got that classic, evergreen touch.

EXCESS LOVE – Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo could hardly have predicted that this song would spread throughout Nigeria in the manner it did. One day, we barely knew anything about Mercy Chinwo other than that she had won the 2012 Nigerian Idol; the next, the radio stations were hooked on Excess Love. This song took her music career, burgeoning at the time, to the next level. You cannot host a big christian worship event and leave Mercy’s name out of the roster for performing acts. To date, this song has not stopped being an incredible Gospel hit.

CHANTE – Ajuju

The likes of “Chante” were a bit strange to us until Anthony ‘Ajuju’ Ojeah released Chante hallelujah; with a somewhat trippy melody that takes you on a musical journey, “Chante” is one song that doesn’t comply with any gospel music precepts. Instead, this genre-bending R&B/hip-hop once-in-a-lifetime musician blessed us with powerful songwriting. Five different phones belonging to five different persons could ring on a bus, and what comes on is “Chante.” It was so popular and melodic that it became the go-to song for the ringtone of many.

NWA MAMI WOTA – Patty Obasi

Say whatever you want about this song, as many others have. But you can’t deny that this song is a legend. Released in the 1980s, it became a house favorite for over a decade, and it still is to this day.

Top Nigerian Gospel Songs Of All-time Playlist

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