Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions & Reviews

Treason Netflix Series

Treason is a Netflix spy thriller series that stars Daredevil’s Charlie Cox, Olga Kurylenko, and Oona Chaplin. It is a thrilling new series that offers everything a great spy thriller should. You should expect a love triangle because those are fun. Also, expect some formidable Russian spies and, of course, a deadly threat. The new series has been described as “The Bodyguard meets John Le Carre.”


  1. Episode 1 | 45m
    Adam Lawrence instantly advances to the top of MI6 following his boss being poisoned. But a stunner meeting causes him to doubt his profession.
  2. Episode 2 | 43m
    With his family under new threat, Adam tries to dissociate from his secret asset. Meanwhile, Maddy and Kara begin secret unions of their own.
  3. Episode 3 | 43m
    In an effort to evade a treason indictment, both Adam and Maddy target Kara. But overheard discussions lead to major doubts concerning who they can actually trust.
  4. Episode 4 | 38m
    Adam exits London with the kids after MI6 cancels his clearance. Before long, their cover was discovered — and lives are lost.
  5. Episode 5 | 41m
    More surprising mysteries come to light as an improbable group works to reveal the truth, with lives and government fate hanging in the balance.

Official Trailer

We would advise that you watch the trailer before seeing the series on Netflix. Netflix released an official trailer for the spy series on 7 December 2022. It was packed with a lot of tension and suspense. No doubt, everyone who saw it anticipated the series’ release. Watch the trailer below.


Some would say that one of the significant things that bring a movie to life is a good cast. We want to say that the Treason cast did not disappoint in this respect.

CHARLIE COX: Cox plays the main character on the show “Adam Lawrence.” Charlie Cox is best known for playing Marvel’s Daredevil. He was also featured in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

OONA CHAPLIN: Oona plays Maddy De Costa, Adam’s second wife. Oona is best known for her feature in the BBC drama, Taboo. She has also appeared in Black Mirror’s White Christmas and the BBC drama The Crimson Field. She played Talisa Maegyr in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

OLGA KURYLENKO: Olga plays Kara Yezov, a spy who poisons the MI6 chief. Olga is best known for playing Camille Montes in “Quantum of Solace.” A true badass, she also appeared alongside Scarlett Johansson in Marvel’s Black Widow. She also featured in the films “Johnny English Strikes Again,” “The Death of Stalin,” and “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise.

CIARAN HINDS: Ciaran plays Sir Martin Angelis, the chief of the MI6 who is poisoned by a Russian spy. Ciaran has appeared in a number of famous films, including “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” and more. He also featured in “Belfast” and HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.”

TRACY IFEACHOR: Tracey plays Dede Alexander, a CIA agent who previously crossed paths with Maddy while in the armed forces. Tracy has appeared in the BBC drama “Showtrial,” DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow,” ABC drama “Quantico,” and the Vampire drama “The Originals.” She also featured in Doctor Who’s “The End of Time.”

BEAU GADSDON & SAMUEL LEAKEY: They play Adam and Maddy’s kids, Callum and Ella. Beau appeared in “The Railway Children Return” and Netflix’s “The Crown.” Samuel Leakey appeared in the BBC drama “MotherFatherSon.”

Major Roles

Adam Lawrence” played by Charlie Cox. Adam Lawrence is an MI6 officer who becomes head of the organization after a Russian spy poisons the chief. But Adam’s true intentions are called to question. It is unknown if he can be trusted.

Maddy De Costa” played by Oona Chaplin. Maddy is Adam’s second wife. She previously worked as an army captain and is now an occupational therapist working with veterans. After Adam’s intentions are called to question, and her suspicions are around, she begins secretly monitoring him.

Kara Yezov,” played by Olga Kurylenko. Kara is a Russian spy who poisons MI6 chief Martin Angelis. She also has a complicated history with Adam Lawrence.

Sir Martin Angelis” played by Ciaran Hinds. Sir Martin Angelis is the Head of MI6 and a longtime friend of Adam and his first wife. He is poisoned by a Russian spy leading Adam to take his place as the Chief of the MI6.

Dede Alexander” played by Tracey Ifeachor. Dede works for the CIA and has also served in the armed forces. While in the armed forces, she crossed paths with Maddy De Costa, Adam’s second wife.

Callum and Ella” played by Beau Gadsdon and Samuel Leakey. They are Adam and Maddy’s kids.


Real Names
Olga KurylenkoKara
Oona ChaplinMaddy
Ciarán HindsSir Martin Angelis
Charlie CoxAdam Lawrence
Beau GadsdonElla Lawrence
Samuel LeakeyCallum Lawrence
Alex KingstonAudrey Gratz
Tracy IfeachorDede Alexander
Adam JamesPatrick Hamilton
Kevin HarveyOlamide Bello
Syrus LoweKit Harper
John LightbodyPPO Frank Scott
Dinita GohilZoe
Joe MacaulayPPO Pete Barnes
Brian LawCIA Agent Tao
Danila KozlovskiyLord Anton Melnikov
Sargon YeldaMalik Banajee
Clare HolmanMary Angelis
Simon LenaganRobert Kirby
Jayne Aguire, Political Aide
Alexandra GuelffCIA Agent Gore
Avital LvovaIrena Belova
Joanna HortonRebecca Rossano
Evan DavisNewsreader
Alex MagliaroCIA Agent Harrington
Annabel Elizabeth WoodJoanne Allinson
Sofian FrancisKyle Mills
Jonathan NyatiPPO Bob Hayes
Nathalie ArminLydia Jenna
Claire LaceyCommittee Chair
Joseph KloskaThomas Keegan
Richard HuwLord Lambert
Rishi NairMet Officer
Dan ShawEx-Serviceman
Miztli RoseWaitress
Jonathan RhodesConstituent
Mark RamsayDoorman
Will DevilleInjured Cyclist
Ty HurleyMI6 Personnel (uncredited)

Fans Reactions & Reviews

“Treason” has earned positive and negative feedback from viewers. Some called it the best Spy series they’ve seen in a while, while others had issues with the plot. Most viewers had things to say about the family in the series. Check out some of the reactions below.

Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions &Amp; Reviews, Yours Truly, Articles, December 8, 2023Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions &Amp; Reviews, Yours Truly, Articles, December 8, 2023

Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions &Amp; Reviews, Yours Truly, Articles, December 8, 2023Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions &Amp; Reviews, Yours Truly, Articles, December 8, 2023Treason Netflix (Season 1): Episodes, Trailer, Cast, Fans Reactions &Amp; Reviews, Yours Truly, Articles, December 8, 2023

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