World’s Top Tiktokers, Their Net Worth & Number Of Followers

Top TikTok users with the highest number of followers

Young people who are fortunate and skilled can turn the power of influence into a job that effectively generates millions of dollars as the globe gets more digitally linked and social media continues to impact younger generations. TikTok, a particularly well-liked social media platform, has propelled many aspiring young entertainers into fame and money. Many TikTok influencers are known for dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and performing.

In no particular order, this article focuses on some top-earning TikTok Users and their following, their net worth, and what they earn.

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Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

One of the very first content producers on TikTok is Charli D’Amelio. She began by posting dancing videos and sharing her unique choreographies or recreations of others. Before TikTok became widely popular, she gradually rose to the position of its face. As TikTok’s downloads skyrocketed, Charli D’Amelio’s fans did the same. With 141.1 million followers, this content producer is TikTok’s most popular influencer. Despite working with exclusive brands like Prada, Charli continues to uphold her first-ever, long-term engagement with Dunkin Donuts. In June 2019, the 17-year-star old’s began to rise on TikTok due to the competitive dancer’s popular dance videos. Bebe Rexha, who opened for the Jonas Brothers at the Barclays Center in New York the same year, quickly invited her to dance. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has a $20 million net worth. She released her debut book, “Essentially Charli: The Definitive Guide to Keeping It Authentic,” in December 2020 and sold her goods. She and her sister Dixie are the stars of their own Hulu television program. She earns $105,770 per post.


@dixiedamelio @noah beck dc @itsgabrielluis

♬ Big Bank Dance Challenge – Gabriel Luis Pascual

Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame)

The well-known Italian humorist influencer is next in line. Khabane Lame did admirably after sharing humorous videos and became famous. He moved from having a few thousand followers to being the second most followed influencer on TikTok, making him the content producer with the quickest growth. Since then, Khaby has collaborated with other companies, including Amazon and Boss, attended exclusive events, and met his favorite football icon. As an Italian-based Senegalese influencer, He has become one of the leading producers of viral internet material. Social media is flooded with amusing videos of him making fun of how difficult it is for individuals to deal with everyday problems. As a result, he is highly regarded on the platform, with about 154.5 million followers, an incredible 21.65% more than in 2022.


Mention your hairdresser 🤣🤣 #learnfromkhaby#learnontiktok @tiktok @tiktok creators

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Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)

Like many other content producers, Bella Poarch began often releasing videos during the pandemic of 2020 and rose to fame a short while afterward. Although this influencer has worked with numerous businesses, she is renowned for frequently cooperating with other content producers. Her success on TikTok also allowed her to release her album, which contained a popular TikTok song with many YouTube views. In addition, she is well known for her silly facial expressions, singing, dancing, and affinity with llamas. She Earns $66,829 per post. According to Hopper HQ, Bella Poarch, a 24-year-old TikTok sensation which swept the internet by storm, has a net worth of $2 million. In the latter half of 2020, a video of her lip-syncing Millie B’s smash song “M to the B” went viral, sending her TikTok career on a moon-facing trajectory. She has over 92 million followers on the platform and is one of the highest-paid TikTok influencers in how much she makes each post, earning close to $67,000 each time she uploads a new video. She might not be the wealthiest TikTok celebrity right now, but given the expansion of her channel and the money she earns per post, she might quickly move up this list.


I got dizzy 🥴

♬ оригинальный звук –

Addison Rae (@addisonre)

Recall how it was purportedly stated that Charli was one of the original Tiktok content producers, right? This influencer is also recognized for having joined TikTok in its infancy. On TikTok’s debut, Addison Rae didn’t trail too far behind. With Charli, she eventually rose to prominence as TikTok’s second face. The choreography and dance performances of this content provider are equally well-known. Addison Rae pursues collaborations with many companies while frequently receiving invitations to prestigious and exclusive events like the Versace Night and the Met Gala. Twenty-year-old Addison Rae Easterling has over 88 million TikTok followers as of December 2021. She achieved such success—her net worth is estimated at $15 million by Celebrity Net Worth—that she dropped out of college to focus solely on her TikTok career. She established a weekly “Mom Knows Best” Spotify podcast with her mother, Sheri Nicole, and became the face of American Eagle worldwide. She also had an appearance in “She’s All That.” She is said to earn Earns $65,194 per post.


Dc @Spencer Wattenberg

♬ We Not Humping – Remix – Monaleo & Flo Milli

Will Smith (@willsmith)

A celebrity on TikTok is Will Smith. Surprisingly, the renowned actor joined the social media platform where He shares various humorous stuff, including videos with friends and family, trending topics, and collages with other content creators, and it seems like his followers adore it! On his TikTok, Will Smith has collaborated with a few other people, and his followers enjoy them. Although Will Smith is more well-known as an actor than a TikTok influencer, he has numerous roles. In addition to being an actor, rapper, producer, and songwriter, Will Smith is a well-known TikTok influencer who makes more than $53,000 for each new post he makes. He has more than 72 million followers and more than 160 videos.


Me ‘n @jadapinkettsmith got all dressed up to choose chaos

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Dixie D’Amelio ( @Dixiedamelio )

Charli D’Amelio’s older sister Dixie is not far behind in terms of success on TikTok at age 21. According to her TikTok profile, she has 57.4 million followers and has agreements with the brands Hollister and Morphe alongside her sister. Sister Charli D’Amelio concentrates on dancing, while Dixie is pursuing a career in music. On the day of its release, her debut track, “Be Happy,” trended higher than Kanye West’s. In addition, she co-stars with Charli on “The D’Amelio Show” on Hulu, contributing to her $10 million net worth.



♬ Wild – Dixie

Kimberly Loaiza (@kimberly.laoiza)

Kimberly Loaiza is one of the most well-known Mexican vloggers on TikTok and YouTube. She is renowned for her daring vlogging style and for providing tutorial and challenge videos. Kimberly is also regarded as a style icon by innumerable young women worldwide. On TikTok, she has more than 72 million fans; on YouTube, she has 39.5 million. She has an $8 million net worth and makes $47,374 per post. Like YouTube, TikTok is home to some of the most popular Spanish-language content producers. With her husband, Juan de Dios Pantoja, a well-known online personality, the influencer primarily posts content on dances, songs, and married life.


Gracias 😭

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Spencer Polanco Knight (@SpencerX )

Spencer Polanco Knight first gained notoriety on social media as a beatboxer, which is how he is most recognized now. The beatbox artist was born and reared in Manhattan, New York, and is better known to his fans as Spencer X. Spencer is one of the most well-known stars on TikTok right now, with more than 55 million followers, and one of the wealthiest, with a net worth of $6 million, according to Hopper HQ. He has also branched out from beatboxing alone. He continues to develop beats for his fans, but he also improvises with found objects to produce inventive and distinctive sounds, giving him a constant advantage over his rivals. He is paid $40.934 for each post.

Zach King (@zachking)

In 2008, Zach King, now 31 years old, began uploading videos to YouTube. In 2013, he started doing the same on Vine. In 2010 and 2013, he took first place in YouTube’s NextUp Creators competition. Hewlett-Packard commercial contest. He then participated in the reality competition “The Amazing Race,” directed several short films, and rose to extreme fame for his inventive wizardry on TikTok and other platforms. Based on Celebrity Net Worth, he is valued at $3 million and Earns $44,225 Each Post.

Burak Ozdemi (@cznburak)

Despite not being among the first accounts on the network, he has nonetheless been able to grow his community of followers by 24.55%, bringing the total number of followers on the platform to 69 million. The Tiktok community has been charmed by this Turkish chef’s unique cooking style, just as SaltBae was at the time. This influencer, who owns the Hatay Civilizations Table restaurant group, is notable for his videos of bizarre and enormous dishes and his cooking expression.

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