Moby - Songs 1993-1998

Songs 1993-1998


  • Genre: Electronic
  • Date: 07 Feb, 1995
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 16

  • ℗ 2000 Elektra Entertainment

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Moby - Songs 1993-1998

Tracklist / Songs






1 First Cool Hive Moby 5:17
2 Go Moby 3:59
3 Into the Blue Moby 5:33
4 Now I Let It Go Moby 2:09
5 Move (You Make Me Feel So Good) Moby 3:37
6 I Like to Score Moby 2:21
7 Anthem Moby 3:27
8 Hymn Moby 3:17
9 Feeling So Real Moby 3:21
10 God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Moby 7:21
11 Alone Moby 10:46
12 Novio Moby 2:38
13 The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders Moby 6:16
14 When It's Cold I'd Like to Die Moby 4:13
15 Living Moby 7:01
16 Grace Moby 5:24


  • Love this!

    By Parnelli Jack
    I so love this album! I have the CD, so I have not downloaded it from iTunes. But the songs are great. A mix of relaxing tunes, and some to dance to. I love figuring out what movies songs are in. For instance, "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" is in the movie "Heat" the very end, when Al Pacino is holding Robert DiNiro's hand. I highly recommend this album!
  • Don't buy Go buy this instead!

    By whatisreal
    If you own any full Moby albums and want the best in what set or are looking to get into Moby I would highly suggest this over Go-The Greatest Hits. As good as the songs are on Go most of them are the same ones as on this album which kinda of bothered me when I looked Go originally. However, from what I have heard the quality of this album isnt great on iTunes, I got it on cd and found it amazing but these songs need good quality to shine, so you might be better off for now with Go until they revamp this album.
  • perfection

    By konner91992
    moby is one of the best artists i know of... his are my favs and songs i cant stop listing to. and this record is no exeption. It is as stated "perfection"-|(onner
  • Hooray for Moobies!!!

    By jeeplar
    Good for Moby, this is one of her best albums.
  • Moby.

    By MontyYo
    this is a nice little compilation of the firsts of moby. i like it.
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