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  • They ruined it!

    By Musicologist
    I dont know who worked on the team who remastered the audio from this concert, but while some changes in audio levels reveal nuances that were not heard on the original release, most of the changes overpowers important elements of tracks that gave it them the character that Prince intended and we loved… for instance, in Baby I’m a Star, the horns are way to loud you can barely hear the drums and bass and at the solo in the end, Sheila’s timbale drowns out the Bass and other sounds. I can’t even listen to this album anymore. Why in the world would the previous version (2020 audio remaster) be replaced by this travesty! In my opinion the audio didn’t need to remastered. It was the video that needed treatment. Oh well, I’m glad that I still have the 2020 version saved.
  • Heartbreaking and Disappointing

    By CharmedBee
    I’ve grown up on the original version of the vhs concert. Lost count of how many times I watched or copies I went through. What the estate has done to this version is beyond bad. They have inserted generic audience tracks that were not on the original tracks. Too many effects and some horrible mixing on some tracks. It sounds bad and not what Prince would have approved.
  • Just pre ordered as lets go crazy sounds amazing

    By T-man74
    Sometimes I’m skeptical when artists pass away and their vaults start pumping out music for money grabs etc but prince’s estate this one song released so far sounds absolutely amazing. I feel lucky to have seen him live only 1 time at the university of Houston and it was awesome.. RIP LEGEND PRINCE !!!!
  • Don’t buy it if you have the 2020 version

    By tonyjonesx
    Why add more effects what was wrong With the 2020 version.
  • Worth it

    By GEB81
    Those of you complaining about having to pay for music that’s been out before and a remaster, give this one a listen. When this album originally came out it had horrible sound quality. They have cleaned it up and it sounds fantastic now. I would give it five stars because it’s such a great album but, to everyone’s point, it is a re-issue of a prior release and it would have been nice to get a full live album that is new.
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