Collective Soul - Vibrating


Collective Soul

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 12 Aug, 2022
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 10

  • ℗ 2022 Fuzze-Flex Records

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Collective Soul - Vibrating

Tracklist / Songs






1 Cut the Cord Collective Soul 3:41
2 Reason Collective Soul 3:35
3 All Our Pieces Collective Soul 4:17
4 Take Collective Soul 4:16
5 Undone Collective Soul 4:47
6 Rule No. 1 Collective Soul 3:50
7 A Conversation With Collective Soul 3:41
8 Just Looking Around Collective Soul 3:50
9 Back Again Collective Soul 5:32
10 Where Do I Go Collective Soul 3:08


  • Another great one by CS

    By Starcross88
    I like this one better than the last one even though they were recorded in the same sessions. This album flows better and they do experiment some but as not to be jarring and unnatural to the spirit of the true Collective Soul sound. The first half of the album surprised me that they just kept up the pace and towards the end they finally pulled out a slow burn to set the pace for the end. Another great thing about this album is that he refrains from cursing like they did in the last album. Collective Soul back in true form. Love it.
  • These guys deserve more respect!!

    By Sonicboom1
    These guys never fail to deliver. Only one song so far to base any review on, so this is mostly to put it out there that these guys deserve more respect and more love from radio. "Shine" isn't the only song they have and have been putting out great material in the 2000's, sometimes having to fund it themselves. Let's get the word out there, this is one of the best bands of all time and have a great soulful rock guitar sound!!
  • so good

    By goody329
    Just amazing as usual. All Our Pieces and Undone should add to their record number of ones on rock radio. Incredible songs!!!!1
  • Solid effort from Collective Soul!

    By quocanuck
    Collective Soul listener since 1995. This album is for me one of their most consistent ones...I really can't find a song I dislike. Stylistically, a smattering of their 1995 self-titled album...hints of "Disciplined Breakdown"...a dose of "Dosage"...some Beatle-esque all adds up to some SERIOUS comfort food rock for this fan!! Preferred order of appearance...Reason, All Our Pieces (GREAT pop song!), and the beautiful "Back Again". Well done!! Thank you, gentlemen! 8)
  • CS continues to rock

    By CS fan forever
    Since I first heard them and saw them live in 1994, they continue to evolve, grow, and push the boundaries of what a great rock band should be. Roland is such a great song writer and the band just knows how to put a great song together that you want to play 100 times a week yet can also stand the test of time.
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