Sylvan Esso - No Rules Sandy

No Rules Sandy

Sylvan Esso

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 12 Aug, 2022
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 16

  • ℗ 2022 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord.

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Sylvan Esso - No Rules Sandy

Tracklist / Songs






1 Moving Sylvan Esso 2:07
2 Look At Me Sylvan Esso 2:18
3 (Bad Fills) Sylvan Esso 0:18
4 Echo Party Sylvan Esso 4:15
5 How Did You Know Sylvan Esso 4:01
6 (Betty’s, May 4, 2022) Sylvan Esso 0:09
7 Didn’t Care Sylvan Esso 2:44
8 (Vegas // Dad) Sylvan Esso 0:23
9 Your Reality Sylvan Esso 2:51
10 (#1vm) Sylvan Esso 0:17
11 Cloud Walker Sylvan Esso 2:36
12 Sunburn Sylvan Esso 3:01
13 (?) Sylvan Esso 0:12
14 Alarm Sylvan Esso 4:00
15 (No Rules Sandy) Sylvan Esso 0:19
16 Coming Back To You Sylvan Esso 4:58


  • they are using some type of magic

    By ben parsons
    I always end up dancing + thinking of my childhood, the forest, an old pet, the planet, like an endless beautiful slideshow. I can't explain it, I just love every record and this one is just so good.
  • Wonderful

    By example111
    There’s something special about Sylvan Esso that just hits all the notes. If this is your first time just give it a few chances. You will find a song or two (or three) that is interesting and a few that fill the spaces really well. Then before you know it you’ll notice some lyrics or some beats in other songs that strike you and get more curious. Eventually the whole album flies by and it’s a cohesive piece of art that you need to hear again to notice the details. This is a special band. I had the pleasure of listening to the song Alarm with good headphones on on an airplane, and let it play through to the end of the album. Wasn’t sure what to expect as it was an early listen to this album. Had so many feelings, can’t get the experience out of my head. This band is absolutely worth absorbing. Fantastic.
  • 2222

    By LocalsVocals
    In 2022
  • Love💙

    By HarrisonP2003
    I absolutely love the sonic freedom of this album, and the perfect production is everything I would expect from Sylvan Esso. The vocal layering in particular stands out to me. I also just love the overall vibe of this album!
  • Sylvan Esso Does It Again

    By RollsRoyceGuy13
    With such a unique album, one would expect to be disappointed with its new sound or length, but you will not be. Every song with parentheses around it is a 8-20 second interlude, with fun little snippets from the recording studio, something we haven’t heard before from the duo, that leaves 10 songs and about 35 minutes, making the album an appropriate length. With songs ranging from easy folk to heavier beats, all parts of the brain are itched in the perfect way. Sylvan Esso managed to bring something completely different and new to the table for their new album, while not having left anything to desire from the album.
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