First Aid Kit - Palomino


First Aid Kit

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 04 Nov, 2022
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 11

  • ℗ 2022 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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First Aid Kit - Palomino

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1 Out of My Head First Aid Kit 3:33
2 Angel First Aid Kit 3:39
3 Ready to Run First Aid Kit
4 Turning Onto You First Aid Kit 3:21
5 Fallen Snow First Aid Kit
6 Wild Horses II First Aid Kit
7 The Last One First Aid Kit
8 Nobody Knows First Aid Kit
9 A Feeling That Never Came First Aid Kit
10 29 Palms Highway First Aid Kit
11 Palomino First Aid Kit


  • Why?

    By Rosetech
    The voices are still there. The production is too slick and the music sounds overly synthesized. Where are the pianos and guitars? No strings?
  • They Are The Best

    By rossaringa
    First Aid Kit is the best and most creative - depth of songwriting, winsome music, unforgettable harmonies, and their contagious boundless energy - in the world. First two songs are beautiful and amazing, can't wait for the rest of "Palomino" - and hope they plan a headline U.S. tour this Autumn. Rarified times when a new First Aid Kit LP drops!
  • The duo embrace Pop

    By dunn_nicholas
    Every great musician/artist with a new release, usually has one foot in the sound of their previous record and one foot in the sound of the album that has yet to come. First Aid Kit has repeatedly done this, subtly changing their sound with each new record. Counciously or unconsciously, I've always felt they have copied the trajectory of Simon & Garfunkel. 2010's "The Big Black and the Blue" was their "Wednesday Morning 3AM," a straight forward fold album with one standout song that defines it, "Ghost Town." 2012's "The Lion's Roar" was their "Sound of Silence" with the embrace of the more modern electric sounds, yet still founded in folk/country roots. 2014's "Stay Gold" was a continuance of that electric sound with an extra boost of production technique, much like "Parsley, Sage." So, naturally, 2018's "Ruins" was their "Bookends," with layers of all aspects of Americana music from folk to country to rock, giving it an almost 1950s sound at times. They even in subtle way copied the album cover of "Bookend." Having said this, "Ruins," in my opinion, is First Aid Kit's first masterpiece of songwriting and sound. So, almost 5 years later, I was expecting their next album to be their swan song of an album, their "Bridge Over Troubled Water," that could potentially contain their next "classic" song. It's been a decade since their defining song "Emmylou" and to be honest, they're due of another. I was expecting a pivot more towards a soul/gospel sound for this record with the confessional lyrics of "Ruins." However, with the first single release off of "Palomino," the song "Angel" found me a bit shocked in that the pivot was more towards Pop. As with the second single, "Out of my head," both songs start out strong, setting the stage of what Kiara and Johanna are going to sing about. The subtle build, the production, the harmony and reverb are all top notch... it's a beautiful sounding record. My disappointment though is with the chorus/hook of both of these songs... after setting up what could be a meaningful song, they both drop into a pop beat and chorus with simplistic meanings. Perhaps this is a move by the duo to please the crowds at concerts/festivals, of which First Aid Kit loves to play at, and honestly I can see the crowds really getting into these songs at a live event. However, to me, they are simple and without merit, songs that I think are a regression in their momentum as artists. Perhaps I'll be proven wrong in November when the rest of the record drops, and I hope I am. Cheers.
  • Great songs

    By Muckinberry
    Absolutely fabulous!!
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