Phife Dawg - Bend Ova / Thought U Wuz Nice

Bend Ova / Thought U Wuz Nice - EP

Phife Dawg

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 18 Jan, 2008
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 5

  • ℗ 2008 Groove Attack Productions

Cover Artwork

Phife Dawg - Bend Ova / Thought U Wuz Nice - EP

Tracklist / Songs






1 Bend Ova Phife Dawg 5:33
2 Bend Ova Phife Dawg 5:04
3 Thought U Wuz Nice Phife Dawg 4:49
4 Thought U Wuz Nice (Instrumental) Phife Dawg 4:30
5 Bend Ova (Instrumental) Phife Dawg 4:59


  • In response to ""

    By The Masked Wonder
    I understand that Tip may be more successful as in record sales but Phife never forces a line. Tip does sometimes while trying to be artsy and abstract which he pulls off perfectly. Trying to compare their styles is like comparing apples to oranges. Plus neither will ever be the same as they were when they were in the tribe. No beat maker can replace Ali Muhammed and the chemistry between the smooth abstract verses of "the abstract" and the smooth no-nonsense bounce of Phife Dawg can not be recreated. I love phife and I love Tip but you cant compare the two .
  • lost love

    By bmantzey
    Prior to A Love Movement, A Tribe Called Quest was off the hook! I still listen to those albums but every album since then has been pretty lame. It makes me sad though, I miss those old school tribe jams. None of Q-Tip nor Phife's stuff has been very good at all. :(
  • Fo Sheezz!!!

    By PoRNoBoY26
    this is better than that other famous tribe guys album.....
  • wow

    By awesome dude guy man
    i love tribe but phife is horribly underrated
  • Phife is better than Tip

    By The Magnificent '73
    Phife is one of thee most UNDERRATED emcess of all-times!!!!!!!!!!
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