Doja Cat – Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

Doja Cat has dropped her latest album, “Scarlet 2 CLAUDE,” featuring a whopping 27 tracks. The album, with explicit content, showcases the artist’s eclectic style and versatility. From high-energy bangers to more introspective tracks, Doja Cat delivers a mix of sound that is sure to captivate her fans.

The tracklist includes songs like “ACKNOWLEDGE ME,” “DISRESPECTFUL,” and “URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!” featuring A$AP Rocky. Each song offers a unique vibe, showcasing Doja Cat’s ability to experiment with different genres effortlessly.

Online sources are buzzing with excitement over the release, with fans already praising the album for its innovative sound and catchy hooks. The collaborations with artists like Teezo Touchdown and The Joy have been particularly well-received, adding another layer of complexity to the already diverse album.

“Scarlet 2 CLAUDE” promises to be a standout release in Doja Cat’s discography, solidifying her position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Fans can’t wait to dive into the 27-track journey that Doja Cat has crafted for them.

Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

Artist: Doja Cat
Genres: Rap
Release Date: 9/22/2023
Track Count: 27
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Kemosabe Records/RCA Records


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 ACKNOWLEDGE ME Doja Cat 3:10 Released
2 DISRESPECTFUL Doja Cat 2:36 Released
3 URRRGE!!!!!!!!!! (feat. A$AP Rocky) Doja Cat 2:32 Released
4 OKLOSER Doja Cat 2:49 Released
5 MASC (feat. Teezo Touchdown) Doja Cat 3:25 Released
6 PISS Doja Cat 2:35 Released
7 HEADHIGH Doja Cat 3:19 Released
1 Paint The Town Red Doja Cat 3:50 Released
2 Demons Doja Cat 3:15 Released
3 Wet Vagina Doja Cat 3:12 Released
4 Fuck The Girls (FTG) Doja Cat 2:32 Released
5 Ouchies Doja Cat 2:02 Released
6 97 Doja Cat 2:57 Released
7 Gun Doja Cat 2:56 Released
8 Go Off Doja Cat 3:17 Released
9 Shutcho Doja Cat 3:07 Released
10 Agora Hills Doja Cat 4:25 Released
11 Can’t Wait Doja Cat 3:55 Released
12 Often Doja Cat 3:18 Released
13 Love Life Doja Cat 3:56 Released
14 Skull And Bones Doja Cat 4:08 Released
15 Attention Doja Cat 4:35 Released
16 Balut Doja Cat 3:25 Released
17 WYM Freestyle Doja Cat 2:04 Released
1 DISRESPECTFUL (feat. The Joy) Doja Cat 3:24 Released
2 ACKNOWLEDGE ME (feat. The Joy) Doja Cat 3:42 Released
3 Shutcho (feat. The Joy) Doja Cat 4:30 Released


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