2 Chainz Plays Co-Host To His Son, Halo, In A Cute Video Of Their First Talk Show

On his new talk show, 2 Chainz asks his son for his thoughts on the NBA Finals.

2 Chainz is well-known for his love of sports. The rapper appeared in Super Bowl commercials this year. He purchased 100 pairs of basketball shoes for a children’s basketball fundraiser. With Snoop Dogg, he organized an East Coast vs. West Coast All-Star basketball game.

It appears that the apple did not fall far from the tree. 2 Chainz has just put out the first episode of his new talk show, Me & Halo, in which he and his son discuss a variety of topics such as life updates, the women in their lives, and sports. In the video, 2 Chainz introduces himself as the “co-host,” allowing his son to drive. “This is truly your show,” 2 Chainz tells Halo.

As a result, the rapper mostly asks his son questions. When 2 Chainz asks him about the Warriors-Mavericks series, Halo responds, “I’m a Warriors fan right now.” The topic then shifts to 2 Chainz predicting the outcome of the NBA Finals matchup. “If it’s Boston versus Golden State,” 2 Chainz begins, only to be stopped off by Halo, who promptly declares his support for Golden State.

He’s also confident, stating that he’d be willing to stake $5,000 on his prediction. Below is the complete first episode of the series.

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