21 Savage Hopes Drake & Metro Boomin Resolve Beef

The famous rapper 21 Savage, known for his collaborations with both Drake and Metro Boomin, recently addressed the ongoing feud between the two artists in an Instagram Live session. Despite being close to both, 21 Savage refused to take sides and referred to Drake and Metro Boomin as his brothers. He acknowledged some tension but believed they would eventually make amends and patch things up.

In response to the clip of the Instagram Live session shared by DJ Akademiks on Instagram, fans had mixed reactions to 21 Savage’s neutrality. Some fans expressed disappointment, saying they couldn’t be friends with someone who did not take a stand. However, others praised 21 Savage for his genuine personality and for not picking sides. The feud between Metro Boomin and Drake began in March, when Metro Boomin teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for the song “Like That.”. Since then, Metro has collaborated with other artists to diss Drake, such as The Weeknd and ASAP Rocky. Most recently, he released a diss track titled “BBL Drizzy” and invited fans to add their lyrics to the song. In response, Drake addressed him in his track “Push Ups,” telling him to keep quiet and make some drums. Whether Drake and Metro Boomin will reconcile and put their differences aside remains unclear. Still, many fans hope they will resolve their issues and continue to make great music together.

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