DJ Khaled Receives Luxury Golf Cart from Diddy As New Golf-Centric TV Show Gains Momentum

DJ Khaled expressed his thanks on Instagram on April 7th, 2023, after getting a lavish golf cart as a gift from his friend and fellow music mogul, Diddy. The unique golf cart is the latest manifestation of their friendship, with Diddy praising DJ Khaled’s commitment to golf in a separate post.

DJ Khaled’s gift comes as he continues to promote his love of golf and teases a new television show centered on the sport. DJ Khaled hinted about the planned project last month with Instagram pictures featuring Diddy and actor Mark Wahlberg, both of whom have been supportive of the effort. Videos posted to the platform show the trio playing golf, with Diddy cheering on DJ Khaled and complimenting his swing.

In one of the clips, Diddy discloses that the pilot episode of DJ Khaled’s new golf show has already been shot, hinting at a bidding war for the series’ rights. DJ Khaled seemed to be excited about the project, taking a FaceTime conversation with Mark Wahlberg to discuss its development.

DJ Khaled and Mark Wahlberg intend to choose the greatest network that shares their concept for the next television show. The series seeks to provide an inside glimpse at the world of golf through DJ Khaled’s perspective, with surprises and excitement that go beyond the sport itself.

The premium golf cart serves as a gesture of appreciation and encouragement for DJ Khaled’s latest initiative, demonstrating the support and friendship between DJ Khaled, Diddy, and Mark Wahlberg. Fans eagerly await the premiere of DJ Khaled’s “LETS GO GOLFING” TV show and the pleasure it is sure to provide as he delves into the worlds of television and golf.

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