3breezy Releases “Roses & Rosé” Record And Video Today

After releasing his first project for Capitol Records, “Catch A Breeze” and reeling in 68 million global streams and critical acclaim, rising New Jersey R&B/hip-hop artist 3Breezy unveils his new record “Roses and Rosé.”

“I feel like us men should show appreciation to our queens,” says 3Breezy. “I wanted to make a song that you could dedicate to your girl to remind her that she the baddest.”

The song glistens with respect and affection, with the accompanying video full of admiration. Breezy’s empathy runs deep, a trait largely inherited from his sisters, aunts, grandmother and great grandmother — all who helped him learn how to listen, and how to be strong for others. On “Roses and Rosé,” 3Breezy channels the loving characteristics he acquired from the strong female influences he grew up with and utilizes them to display his affection for his love interest. Breezy sings, “Just tell me where you wanna go and we can find a way/Said ain’t no limits spread our wings and we can fly away,” illuminating that the love he has for his lady knows no bounds. With an infectiously memorable chorus, Breezy seems to have another hit on his hands.

3Breezy kicked off his career in October 2020, quickly issuing a number of singles and his debut mixtape, Murda She Wrote, captivating audiences with his easy knack for storytelling and deep sincerity. Though he has only been making music for about a year (leaving behind plans to be a veterinary technician to produce and release songs on his own), he continues to prove he’s a bonafide hitmaker capable of intensely personal songcraft. Catch A Breeze, 3Breezy’s recent project released in November of 2021, solidified his stature as an empowering artist with an incredible ability to connect with his fans through the genuine emotion embedded in his music. With Roses & Rosé, Breezy continues his upward ascension by carving a significant space for himself as a unique and inspiring artist.



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