5 Seconds of Summer Release Their New Single, “Take My Hand”

Aussie pop-punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer, have just released their new single titled, “Take My Hand”.

Gearing up for their fifth studio album, 5SOS has put out a new single which they have named “Take My Hand”, and it comes as a follow-up to their last single, “Complete Mess”, both tracks reportedly taken off their upcoming new body of work.

The new releases would be their  first since striking a global recording partnership with BMG. 5SOS have made themselves into record-setters, having hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with their first three studio albums, and missing out on getting there with their fourth only by a hare’s breath.

Although in Australia, the Sydney-siders debúted atop the ARIA Chart with their first four full-length studio projects, making them the second homegrown band to do so.

As expected, the newly-released single began trending just within hours of its launch, as folks couldn’t keep calm after having listened to the song. According to Billboard, the band’s new creation is a “slice of epic-pop, the sound of a band reaching maturity”.

A fan tweeted: “The lyrics of take my hand… I have lost myself over and over again, the growing pains of our generation swallowed me into darkness, but @5SOS has always been there to take my hand”.

Check out the new single below:

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