50 Cent Agrees To Settlement “Outside Court” In Penis Enlargement Lawsuit

According to Complex via Los Angeles Magazine reporter Meghann Cuniff, The Shade Room has decided to settle 50 Cent’s lawsuit against the gossip blog rather than take it to court. Plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her Miami-based practice, Perfection Medical Spa, are among the other defendants. Cuniff released a copy of an email notice of settlement that was sent out confirming that 50 will continue to pursue his lawsuit against them.

50 Cent Agrees To Settlement &Quot;Outside Court&Quot; In Penis Enlargement Lawsuit, Yours Truly, News, April 18, 2024

The G-Unit mogul, whose actual name is Curtis Jackson, asserted that plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her business, Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, utilized a photograph of him taken during a trip to Miami in February 2020 to advertise their services.

In September 2022, 50 filed a lawsuit against Kogan after she used a photo of the two of them to advertise penis enlargement surgery, implying that she had performed the procedure on 50. The Shade Room posted an article in August 2022 identifying 50 Cent as one of Kogan’s clients, which supports 50’s criticism of the picture.

50 Cent Agrees To Settlement &Quot;Outside Court&Quot; In Penis Enlargement Lawsuit, Yours Truly, News, April 18, 2024

The Shade Room removed the post and agreed to a settlement after mediation, so it appeared that 50’s problem was only with Kogan and her practice currently. This was terrible news for Kogan, considering how zealously he pursued his complaints. A trial was scheduled for July 3, 2023. The Shade Room and 50 settled their legal dispute on February 21 through the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida, according to court documents seen by reporter Meghann Cuniff.

Nevertheless, 50 Cent and Kogan stated in court filings filed on March 24 (via Billboard) that they had “reached an agreement in principle to resolve Mr. Jackson’s claims” and were “in the process of preparing an agreement to formalize and memorialize” the arrangement.

According to the lawsuit,

“[50 Cent] hereby gives notice that he has reached an agreement to settle with Defendant The Shade Room… in the above-captioned action,” “Jackson and TSR are executing their respective obligations according to the agreement and will file a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.”

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