50 Cent On ‘The Wine Down’ Talks “Being In Love” With Girlfriend Jamira Haines

After just a few episodes, fans can’t get enough of Mary J. Blige’s newest endeavor, a new television series. The Queen of Hip Hop-Soul is using her fruitful professional connections by meeting with some of the hottest figures in the business, and now Blige is back for a chat with 50 ‘Fif’ Cent on her “The Wine Down,” show that has also seen Taraji P. Henson and Yung Miami.

Blige and Fif discussed his relationship with Jamira Haines, popularly known online as Cuban Link, in a preview for the program. When they started dating years ago, their relationship had only grown stronger. They have every right to keep the specifics of their relationship private. However, being a successful businessman in the entertainment industry, 50 Cent avoids disclosing too much information about his affair.

The Powerverse tycoon and his leading lady have regularly teased about their romance on social media. Fif is renowned for trolling the public and frequently taunting his well-known peers. Haines occasionally gives him the same attention while jokingly turning the tables on him. Fif describes to Blige what his love for Haines means to him throughout their conversation.

“I’m in a friendship with a woman, and I’m finding gratification from seeing her happy,” Fif said. Blige was taken aback and called that “beautiful.” Fifty added, “At that point, I think I’m in love with her. Because even if her friends or her people are there, and they’re doing their thing, I’m happy because I know she’s pleased with that point. You understand? It’s not necessarily coming from me, but that’s how I interpret love.”

He made fun of himself in other places for the kind of lover he is, rating himself a “10” on a scale. Apart from his romantic relationships, Blige questioned 50 Cent about being shot, and of course, Fif also shares pieces of advice he’s picked up along the way.

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