50 Cent Reveals That No Other Album Will Come After His Next Release

G-Unit rapper and award-winning producer, 50 Cent, has made it known that the next album he releases will be the final one.

50 has, for a few years now, paid less attention to putting out new music, while he channels all his energy toward his hit TV series, Power, hosted exclusively by Starz.

Turns out, all that he is and has been channeling toward his television career has been raking in massive success, and he does not and is not planning on letting that go.

50 says he will be focusing even more on his blooming television career but that before he dives all in, he has something in store for his starving music fans all around the world.

He confirmed this via an Instagram post and later at his interview on The Talk, where he disclosed, “I probably think I’ll deliver one more full length album, then the other things I do will be connected to film and television. I’m having so much success in this area that I have opportunities to keep releasing music through the projects that I’m bringing.”

With that out of the way, he vows to be doubling down on his Power hustle. But that promised last album is definitely something to be on the look out for.

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