A Judge Rules That A$AP Rocky Must Go On Trial For Allegedly Shooting At A Former Friend

On Monday, a Los Angeles judge decided that there was sufficient proof for A$AP Rocky to go to trial for the alleged 2021 street shooting of a former friend and associate.

Judge ML Villar of the Superior Court reached the decision during a preliminary hearing, following about a day and a half of testimony from two witnesses. Rocky, however, has entered a not guilty plea to the two felonies of assault with a semiautomatic pistol. Funnily enough, Rocky did not appear to be upset with the ruling.

According to Villar, “the totality of the video and testimony” demonstrates that there is enough proof to proceed with the defendant’s trial. She also made it clear that compared to trials, preliminary hearings had a far lower burden of proof.

Terell Ephron had testified on the first day of the trial, which recommenced on Monday following a protracted break, that he and Rocky, a childhood pal, had attended the same New York high school together as members of the same group of musicians and artists.

He said that things had started to go wrong in their relationship, which culminated to the Hollywood clash on November 6, 2021. He alleged that Rocky had drawn a gun on him at first, and that during a subsequent altercation, he had fired rounds that narrowly missed Ephron’s knuckles.

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