A New Date For Tory Lanez’s Felony Assault Trial Has Been Set

A new trial date has been set for Tory Lanez, who is charged with several offenses in connection with the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. Later this year, the Toronto rapper is scheduled to return to court. Nancy Dillon of Rolling Stone, who was present at the court in California, broke the story.

“Outside Tory Lanez hearing now. Waiting to see what will happen with trial date. It could start today, but judge involved in a different trial, so it would have to be sent to a different courtroom. Another continuance possible,” wrote Dillon on Wednesday, before going on to add, “Trial start date continued to between Nov. 28 and Dec. 8 over objection of prosecutors bc Tory’s lawyer in an arbitration.”

Lanez is accused of committing felonies include carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm while armed and assault with a deadly weapon. Lanez may spend up to 22 years in jail if found guilty. Kelsey Harris was present, and the prosecution will call her back as a witness on December 9, according to Dillion.

“Kelsey Harris is here,” she wrote. “She is being ordered back as a witness being called by prosecutors. Ordered back Dec. 9.” Harris, who was present at the shooting scene and had had a friendship with Megan, has since broken off from her. Harris has been accused by Megan of taking hush money from Lanez.

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