A$AP Rocky Details Fatherhood Aspirations, Hints At New Album Release

Coming a few weeks after A$AP Rocky and Rihanna welcomed their first child together, Rocky has now, for the first time, publicly addressed his new fatherhood state. In a recent interview with Dazed Magazine, Rocky gave insight into how he wants to approach parenthood. While revealing the couple has not chosen a name for their baby yet, the rapper explained that as a father, he wants to encourage his children to never lose touch with their inner child, even as adults.

A$Ap Rocky Details Fatherhood Aspirations, Hints At New Album Release, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024
American Rapper, A$Ap Rocky; Credit: Zay Zay

While explaining that he still loves watching cartoons even as an adult, Rocky has said he would very much like his children to remain true to themselves, exploring the world but maintaining their identity and keeping things that make them happy close. “I will always remind my children never to lose their imagination, even as adults, no matter what,” he told the magazine.

Offering insight on his forthcoming album, Rocky extinguished the rumoured name of the album. Explaining that his previous interview was taken out of context, Rocky said that the name of his new album would not be, All Smiles, as previously mentioned in several tabloids. Instead, the rapper explained that the title, “All Smiles”, revealed in 2019 as part of an AWGE collaboration with Selfridges, is a different project still in the works.

Rocky has also hinted that the new album would bring out a different Rocky from what the music world is familiar with. The rapper explained he had pushed himself to the limit in producing this album and is experimenting with new sounds. While not providing a specific release date, Rocky said the album is almost ready and that many of the songs will come with their visuals, which he has already started shooting.

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