According To Reports, Kanye West Has Registered A Trademark For A New Logo

Kanye has his hands in many different pies. Recently, he was spotted with NBA player Kyrie Irving, which sparked rumors that the latter might join Ye’s Donda Sports. His ongoing partnership with GAP in fashion has been successful. To launch “YZYSPLY” retail outlets, he sought a trademark.

The artist allegedly just registered a trademark for a new logo. West allegedly registered a batch of trademarks on July 21, according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben on Twitter. It appears that his brand and its new logo are connected to these trademarks.

It appears that the retail stores for whom he had already registered trademarks will utilize the emblem. Two thin, jagged black lines form the ring that serves as the emblem. The application was submitted by Kanye West’s Mascotte Holdings business, while a separate application secured the use of the emblem on apparel such as t-shirts, beanies, and socks.

Recently, Kanye has begun using trademarks liberally. He submitted seventeen trademark applications back in June for a wide range of goods, including rollercoasters, luggage, cosmetics, and toys. His entire life, Kanye has desired to open a shop space. In a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair, West discussed how important the change would be to him.

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