Adekunle Gold Pledges To Assist The Foundation For Children With Sickle Cell Disease

Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold has revealed his decision to donate to charity groups that help children with sickle cell illness, following a personal revelation about his own health.

The renowned artist opened up about the difficulties he had growing up with sickle cell disease, including repeated hospital stays, during a recent performance in London. Adekunle Gold underlined the importance of raising awareness and providing assistance for individuals impacted by sickle cell disease while expressing his sympathy for others who are experiencing it.

Realizing the enormous toll the illness takes on families in Nigeria and elsewhere, he disclosed his intentions to collaborate with nonprofits to support kids suffering from the illness. Adekunle Gold appreciated the emotional impact of seeing sickle cell-affected children and families during a recent encounter in a moving tweet on Tuesday, May 14.

He praised groups like Sickle Cell Foundation NG and Sami Update for their commitment to solving the difficulties experienced by persons who have the illness. Adekunle Gold stated that he was driven by his encounters and experiences to make sure independent organizations fighting sickle cell disease have access to the funding and assistance they need.

Following the singer’s statement, fans and followers have reacted favorably, praising his advocacy work and pledging to support the cause alongside him.

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