Adele On Cancelling Las Vegas Residency

More details have emerged on why British singer Adele postponed her concert in January last year. At the time, the songstress had claimed that the coronavirus pandemic made her postpone the show.

But new details suggest otherwise. Apparently, the “30” singer couldn’t reach an agreement with the production staff. Some of her demands were just impossible, so the show never happened.

Looking back, not performing wasn’t something she regrets, though. She had given more clues during an interview with the BBC in London, stating that she was afraid of going on stage with a show that might let her fans down.

As a result, she not only stayed away but she was also consumed by feelings of guilt. It was brutal, and she had to take out time to heal from it all.

Does that mean the show will no longer hold? Well, she hasn’t ruled that out. In fact, plans are underway to reschedule the concert. She’s currently planning things out with those close to her.

Maybe things will turn out differently this time? We can’t tell. But then, Adele is still in the habit of entertaining music lovers. So best to wait and see how things pam out. We will bring you more details. Until then, stay tuned.

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