After Customers Asked Him To Leave, Kanye West Was Forced To Leave The Store

After being treated rudely by customers in a bagel store in Los Angeles, Kanye West was forced to leave. According to a witness who spoke to Hollywood Life, the rapper, who is now known as Ye, understood he wasn’t allowed at the shop after hearing whispering.

“Kanye was with a friend, and he tried to be on the DL, but it was hard not to notice Kanye West,” the onlooker reported to the outlet.

“At first, he was smiling and trying to fit right in. When he got his food, he went and sat in the corner and kept looking down at his phone. When he did look up, he must have noticed that people were staring at him and not in a friendly way,” said the source.

According to the eyewitness, the majority of individuals there were Jews because “the bagel shop is popular among those who go to that synagogue.”

“Kanye was not even finished with his food when he got up to leave and he had to feel the energy, which was not at all welcoming,” disclosed the outlet. “As he was getting in his car, people were whispering under their breath I overheard some people telling him to go home.”

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