After Lizzo Played His 200-Year-Old Flute, James Madison Invited Her To His Home

When Lizzo played a 200-year-old flute originally owned by former President James Madison last week, she created history. The singer has now been given a new chance: to play at Madison’s house.

The Montpelier house in Virginia serves as both a museum and a memorial to the previous president, who presided over the country from 1809 to 1817. After Lizzo’s initial performance with Madison’s flute went viral, Montpelier staff tweeted that they had invited Lizzo to come perform at the facility.

The staff stated in another tweet that the musician was welcome at Montpelier at any time. The home was inherited by Madison, who is credited with designing the Bill of Rights. The home’s website states that he grew up there and resided there both before and after becoming president up until his passing in 1836.

Visitors can now enjoy tours of the house and grounds and view galleries and exhibitions like The Mere Distinction of Color, an exhibition on slavery that examines how the impact of slavery on contemporary issues about race, identity, and human rights.

When Lizzo was invited to the Library of Congress to check out their flute collection, the largest in the world, she had the chance to play Madison’s crystal flute for the first time. When she was in Washington, D.C. for a concert, she accepted their invitation and went on a tour.

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