Ajebo Hustlers Discuss How Friends Urged Them To Give Up Music

For musicians, the road to success is a long one with many ups and downs; it requires a lot of resolve, commitment, and a little bit of luck to move from being unknown to successful. One of the musicians giving energy to the Afrobeats scene is Ajebo Hustlers, and their road to fame was not without its share of hiccups.

Ajebo Hustlers, a Nigerian musical duo, revealed that several of their friends urged them to give up music because they weren’t initially making a fortune from it. The Port Harcourt-born couple claimed that before they finally achieved popularity, they had to put up with accommodations from numerous family members and friends as a result of their battle for fame.

They said that at one point they lived with K-Switch, the younger brother of musician D’banj. On the most recent episode of the Shopsydoo-hosted Afrobeats podcast, the “Barawo” singers made this revelation. They also discussed how the massive single “Killing Dem” by Burna Boy & Zlatan served as the inspiration for their first big success, “Barawo.”

They talked about their joy when they heard Olamide had shared their music and how that experience helped them achieve greater popularity. Ajebo Hustlers have continued to release their own music since breaking into the mainstream, and it has grown in popularity with listeners.

Watch the full interview below.

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