Akon Claims That YSL Are Good People Whose Lyrics Portray As Serial Killers

Hip-hop may now be concentrating on the devastating passing of Takeoff, but the YSL issue is still on its mind. We have been providing daily updates on the continuing RICO investigation of Young Thug, Gunna, and twenty of their alleged collaborators. The rappers have spent the majority of the year behind bars, and Gunna just received his third denial of bond.

During one of the lengthy chats on VladTV with music icon Akon, Vlad remarked that the situation “is much worse than you think it is.”

“A lot of them, this not who they really are. These are kids,” said Akon. “Most of it is being done to—you could say, impress their peers.” He went on to say that he “knows most of them,” describing the YSL crew as “the most humble, good-hearted, real good people.”

“But when you listen to the music, you would think they was serial killers,” Akon continued.

Vlad remarked that it is simple to get famous in this field. Meeting friends who offer to act as your bodyguard or conduct crimes on your behalf is occasionally part of that. Vlad admitted that when he first started making money, he was a victim of a similar situation that, even now, makes it difficult for him to work without others in the field.

He continued by saying that while many entertainment icons, notably young rappers in their 20s, lack the right advice to keep themselves out of trouble, he was fortunate to have some self-realization in his 30s.

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