Akon Declares His Desire To Work With Britney Spears Following Her “Needed” Comeback

When Akon released his most recent song, “I Need You,” featuring Britney Spears’ legendary vocals, the music industry was in a state of disbelief. As her followers are aware, the 40-year-old pop princess is at the height of a remarkable return that began with the publication of “Hold Me Closer,” a duet with Eton John that has topped the iTunes charts since its release on August 26.

Akon, 49, said he would “love” to work with Britney in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. He also gave specifics about the kind of song he would want them to make together. After using Britney’s vocals on a number of recent songs, HollywoodLife asked Akon, who is presently working on a new album called “Akonic,” what he felt about Britney’s career, as well as about her personal issues.

“I would love to collaborate with Britney on an Afrobeats track,” Akon told us. “I like her music. She is an amazing performer and I really like that about her too.”

“Anything is possible and I think that Britney’s comeback is very well-needed,” added Akon, who recently released the 4-track EP “Konvict Kultur Presents Teemanay” alongside recording artist Teemanay. The media outlet also learned from Akon that he was aware of Britney’s current difficulties.

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