Akon’s Dream African City Project Accused To Be A Ponzi Scheme By Ex-Business Partner

When news first broke out of Akon’s plan to build his own city in Africa people thought he had lost it. But as the plan marched on, the singer began to receive several accolades and applause for making such a giant effort, but as of yesterday, March 9th, Akon began facing some serious allegations coming from his former business partner, accusing him of running a Ponzi scheme.

Akon is reportedly setting up a very large city in Senegal that should house at least 300,000 residents and above, and would be running its operations on an “Akoin” cryptocurrency. Previous reports say that the dream city is to unveiled in 2036. But, Devyne Stephen, a music exec who has previously worked with Jay-Z and Usher, is reportedly slamming Akon with a lawsuit of almost $4 million.

The suit, filed last year, has Stephens requesting a judge to put a freeze on some of Akon’s assets, giving him a hard time taking his cash after having reportedly reached a legal settlement, according to reports from Page Six. In docs filed this week with the court, Stephens accuses Akon of running a pretty shady business.

“Akon has provided almost no transparency about who is investing in Akon City or how it will be purportedly built. Therefore, Akon City is likely a scam,” wrote Movit, making reference to Thomasson’s affidavit.

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