Alessia Cara Releases Best Days (The Remixes) 5-track Bundle

First remixed track features acapella singers Pentatonix

Grammy Award®-winning singer-songwriter Alessia Cara focuses the spotlight on one of the key compositions from her third album IN THE MEANTIME, as she releases Best Days (The Remixes), available everywhere today via Def Jam Record­­ings. The 5-track bundle offers the original single version – described as a “misty piano ballad” by the New York Times – accompanied by four brand new remixes, as follows:

  1. “Best Days”(featuring Pentatonix)
  2. “Best Days”(***original track***)
  3. “Best Days”(King Henry Remix)
  4. “Best Days”(Takis Remix)
  5. “Best Days”(Acoustic)

“What if my best days are the days I’ve left behind?” muses Alessia.  She launched the September 2021 release of IN THE MEANTIME with a Friday night live performance of “Best Days” on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and a performance at Central Park during that weekend’s star-studded 10th annual Global Citizen Festival, a 24-hour broadcast from New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and other locations across six continents.

That Monday, she returned to ABC’s Good Morning America for another performance of “Best Days.”  View the official video for “Best Days” (directed by Tusk) HERE.

Listen Here.

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