Alicia Keys Has Been Accused By A Choreographer Of Canceling Her World Cup Performance “At Last Minute”

According to rumors, Alicia Keys canceled her appearance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony on Sunday in Qatar. Without providing further details, it is said that the 41-year-old musician “resigned at the last minute” due to creative differences rather than the nation’s ongoing human rights debates.

According to rumors, Rod Stewart, Shakira, and Dua Lipa all declined lucrative performance offers. Barbarana Pons, the event’s choreographer, stated on Catalan radio station RAC1 that she believed the performance was going on “until yesterday.”

Since “everything is measured to the millimeter,” she added, she had been “fighting” with the Girl On Fire diva over the usage of a piano “for days.” Alicia has never been officially confirmed as a performer. Dua already dismissed rumors that she will be giving a performance during the occasion. The 27-year-old musician debunked the rumors on Instagram Stories and criticized Qatar for its human rights record.

The rock star stated that Sir Rod Stewart was also given a $1 million contract to perform in Qatar but declined it due to the Gulf nation’s track record on human rights. The musician expressed his opinion that it would be inappropriate to perform a set at the World Cup host country because homosexuality is prohibited there.

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