Amaarae Shares ‘Reckless & Sweet’ Of Upcoming ‘Fountain Baby’ Album

Ghanaian singer-songwriter Amaarae has released a new single entitled ‘Reckless & Sweet’, which marks her first solo record in a while. The track was co-produced by KZ Didit, Cadenza, Kyu Steed, Yves Rothman, and Amaarae herself. This new release comes after her involvement in MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever prologue EP, where she collaborated with Tems and Santa Fe Klan.Amaarae Shares 'Reckless &Amp; Sweet' Of Upcoming 'Fountain Baby' Album, Yours Truly, News, May 22, 2024

Amaarae, known for her work around the representation of gender and race in music, is one of the brightest talents to come out of the Ghanaian music industry in recent times. Her exploits in the local and international music scene in the last few years have been nothing less than inspiring.

The new single ‘Reckless & Sweet’ is a captivating track that examines toxic love. The track is filled with Amaarae’s signature afro-futuristic sound and features her smooth and soulful vocals, which glide over the track’s laidback instrumental.

“Reckless & Sweet” is about the singer’s success, confidence, and desire for money. In the first verse, she speaks about feeling blessed and confident, warning others not to test her patience. She describes feeling high and searching for something more in her life. She also mentions her wealth, warning others not to touch her when she gets nervous because she has too much money. The chorus repeatedly emphasizes her desire for money and her willingness to run towards it.

In the second verse, Amaarae discusses how her success has led others to be envious of her, mentioning that the thought of her spending money gives them goosebumps. She also alludes to a past relationship where she thought she had found someone special (“My heart I was makin’ a home / Angel in light ’til she grew horns / Bu-like-gatti she was two-toned”), but ultimately, it didn’t work out. She ends the verse questioning if this is the life she is owed.

The lyrics also touch on themes of betrayal and disappointment in relationships.

This new single is just the beginning for Amaarae, as she has announced her upcoming album ‘Fountain Baby’. The album is set to be released soon, and it promises to be a remarkable project that showcases the singer’s versatility and creativity.

Amaarae’s previous work includes the 2020 album ‘The Angel You Don’t Know’, which features hit tracks like ‘SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY’ and ‘LEAVE ME ALONE’. She has also released singles like ‘LIKE IT’ and ‘SPEND SOME TIME’.

Fans can also enjoy the visuals for the new single ‘Reckless & Sweet’, as Amaarae has released an official music video for the track. The video is a stunning visual representation of the song’s themes, featuring Amaarae and her love interest in a dreamy, futuristic setting.Amaarae Shares 'Reckless &Amp; Sweet' Of Upcoming 'Fountain Baby' Album, Yours Truly, News, May 22, 2024

Amaarae’s new single ‘Reckless & Sweet’ is a captivating track that showcases her unique afro-futuristic sound and soulful vocals. This new release marks the beginning of an exciting era for the Ghanaian singer-songwriter, as she prepares to release her upcoming album ‘Fountain Baby’. Fans can also enjoy the official music video for the track, which perfectly captures the song’s themes.

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