Anita Baker Appreciates Chance The Rapper For Helping Master Her Recordings

Legendary American singer-songwriter, Anita Baker, has publicly singled out Chance The Rapper for praise. Anita has thanked Chance The Rapper for helping her gain mastery of her music skills. While acknowledging that many singers fail to live up to expectations or actualise their dreams, but not for lack of talents, Anita confesses that without the help of Chance The Rapper, she might not have amounted to anything.

The legendary soul singer singled out the rapper while performing at a show in Chicago earlier in the week. Before starting her performance, she asked the audience to help appreciate Chance The Rapper, whom she described as a friend who helped her master her recordings. An overwhelmed Chance the Rapper, who was in the audience, stood up to thunderous applause from the rest while also returning the appreciation to the audience.

In the hours that followed the performance, Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to appreciate the Iconic singer, describing her as an inspiration to everyone in the music industry.

An overjoyed Anita responded to the tweet hours later, explaining she chose the moment to appreciate the rapper without any prior knowledge of his presence in the audience. The legendary singer also referred to his lifelong friend of Chance in her tweet. However, it was her fantastic memory of the people that mattered to the rapper that wowed him. He expressed his surprise at Anita’s rare attention to the detail in another tweet as the duo ended their friendly chat on Twitter.

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