Apo Hiking Society Member, Danny Javier, Dead At Age 75

Daniel Morales Javier was a businessman, actor, musician, singer, and songwriter from the Philippines. Along with Jim Paredes, who was the group’s senior member, and Boboy Garrovillo, who was the youngest, he was well-known as the main vocalist and one of the members of the renowned musical trio The APO Hiking Society.

In a Facebook post, Lolita Javier, Danny Javier’s sister-in-law and the lawmaker for Leyte’s 2nd District, backed up the claims. Danny Javier was pictured alongside his brother Leonardo “Sandy” Javier Jr., the vice governor of Leyte, in a photo that Lolita Javier posted on social media. Jim Paredes gave a statement to CNN Philippines in response to a question about how he was feeling about Danny Javier’s departure, describing his loss as “shattering.”

Danny Javier Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo formed a vocal trio in 1969, the same year they gave their first public performance. It was a delight for him to write Garrovillo’s homage to him on Facebook about his “old dependable pal.” Lea Salonga was one of the celebs who shared their sorrow and appreciation for the OPM musician on Facebook.

Javier’s family must be depressed right now because they have yet to publicly discuss the tragic circumstances.

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