Apparently, Tate Kobang Has Signed With Nicki Minaj’s Label

Tate Kobang of the DMV signs a contract with Nicki Minaj.

Since the beginning of the year, Nicki Minaj has been gearing up for her upcoming album. Fans have been eagerly for news of her follow-up to Queen after she released singles like “Do We Have A Problem” and “Bussin” with Lil Baby. Since releasing her previous studio album four years ago, she has made bolder plans to grow her empire known.

She previously told Joe Budden about her aspirations to launch her own record label and management business. Although she hasn’t made public the list of artists she’s collaborating with, it appears that one of the DMV’s biggest stars has formally signed a deal with Nicki. Tate Kobang said on Instagram that Nicki Minaj was his new manager.

“Welp thats cats out the bag,” he stated in a story on Instagram. “Yeah I just closed my deal and signed to Nicci as a artist. Damn.” When Nicki went on Instagram Live in January and delivered a heartfelt homage to Tate, she first made a hint about the deal.

“I see you, Tate Kobang. I see you boo boo,” she had said on Instagram Live. “It’s about that time to announce my record label, y’all.”

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