Apple Music’s “Replay 2023” Playlist Has Been Made Available

Apple Music releases its Replay playlist early each year, unlike Spotify. Although the music streaming service generally provides the playlist around mid-February, it was released earlier this year. The Replay 2023 playlist, which ranks the top 100 songs you’ve been listening to for faster access, remains mostly unchanged from years past despite the early release. The Replay 2023 playlist is accessible through Apple Music for the web and the Listen Now tab of the Apple Music app on your phone, iPad, or Mac.

Your favorite songs are ranked from 1 to 100 on the playlist, which is updated weekly to account for changes. In addition, Apple Music freezes the playlist at the end of the year, so you may return to it later to hear your favorite songs from that particular year. Finally, the Replay 2023 playlist provides rapid access to your favorite tunes and comprehensive statistics on the Apple Music web app, including the year’s top albums and musicians.

The web version additionally displays the number of plays and listening hours. In addition, users can easily track their data because all of these statistics are updated once a week. Apple Music provided an extra feature with even deeper listening history statistics last year. Last November, the streaming service debuted a more robust Replay experience, complete with shareable, story-like cards highlighting significant statistics and playing relevant tracks in the background.

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