Ari Lennox Lashes Out Against Trolls: "Black Twitter Has Been Calling Me Ugly For Years"

Ari Lennox has once again faced online trolling for her looks.

The Dreamville hit-maker noticably pumped the brakes on her social media activity of late following a series of frustrating back-and-forth exchange with trolls coupled with the persistent negativity. And after a Twitter user’s post that read “Ari Lennox is not beautiful” starting circulating, the singer decided to weigh in through a couple of tweets about how she’s already getting used to the futile trolling.

“These trolls are relentless,” she tweeted. “[Four] months straight they won’t stop bothering me.”

“To all of my beautiful supporters in South Africa I love you dearly. To these weird obsessed evil individuals I pray you get therapy for your obsession of me.” Lennox added, “Black twitter has been calling me ugly for years. It don’t hurt like it once did.”

The singer has constantly faced negative comments about her looks and features, and everytime, she comes out to boldly stand up for herself and her physical appearance. She also wades in to defend those with similar features and looks.

“I recognize beauty standards vary and lots of self hate and oppression can play a big part in that,” Lennox added. “To my new troll fans there’s not much more you can say.”

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