As A Result Of The Purpoted Discovery Of Contraband, YNW Melly Files To Lift The Visitation Constraints

After allegedly finding drugs in his prison dorm that belonged to another inmate, YNW Melly reportedly filed a motion to have his visitation limitations relaxed. According to Melly’s legal team, another prisoner complained about the rapper, alleging that he was in possession of shanks and pipe bombs.

However, when his room was searched, it was discovered that he only had one “writing utensil and potato chips” while his roommate had shanks, prescription medications, and “other contraband.” Complex has reviewed paperwork from Melly’s legal team, and they claim that the existing visitation arrangement makes it “impossible to review any documentation.”

In the motion, they also state: “Not only is the visitation room not large enough to accommodate Defendant’s attorneys, anyone standing outside of the room can hear everything that is said in the room violating Defendant’s right to private and privileged communications.”

It is a “violation of not only his constitutional rights but Florida law as well,” the document further adds. Due to two counts of first-degree premeditated murder, Melly is currently awaiting trial. He was detained back in February of this year. Just a Matter of Slime and Melly vs. Melvin, his most recent two albums, were both published while he was incarcerated.

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